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Summer Holiday | Part Two

Second instalment of my holiday, if you haven't read the first one you can read it here.

Do you always wake up really early on holiday without your alarm even going off? I was so desperate to get up and rush outside on the first day and when I had looked at my phone for the time it said 7.30am so I was a little confused at how dark it was outside. It dawned on us that my phone was very confused as to what time zone we were in and it was actually 6.30am. Gran Canaria has the same time as the UK but my phone was picking up Spanish networks so had put my clock back an hour.

Never mind boyf wakey wakey rise and shine, I was excited and hungry and didn't want to waste any time laying in bed. I wanted to explore, eat and we had our welcome meeting at 10am with the Thomson rep so there was lots to do. I got showered and dressed and waited out on the balcony for BF to get ready, it was so peaceful that early in the morning.

gran canaria

So to fill time I naturally took lots of photo's, the colour on my toes in case your interested is Nails Inc Baker Street.

I was in breakfast heaven down in the restaurant, I could choose between muffins, doughnuts, marble cake, croissants, and rolls. Then cooked food was a selection of Spanish and English sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, hashbowns, cheese croquettes, bacon, and fried potatoes. There was a choice of continental breakfast with cold meats, cheeses and salad and there was even pancakes, as well as the usual cereals, fruit and yogurt. How was I supposed to choose!

I think it even took me a couple of days to spot the jugs of flavoured milk which in an adults only hotel was questionable but I am like a child so I dove in and had some.

We went along to our welcome meeting and booked all the excursions we wanted to go on and then plodded off to explore the area, including the local mini market, tell me why foreign cakes and crisps always look more exciting than our own?

We found our way to Maspalomas beach, and the view out over the sea from the top of the cliff was breath taking.

gran canaria

maspalomas, gran canaria

By this point I was getting a little hot and tired, I felt like I had walked 200 miles when in actual fact it was probably more like 1 mile but whose counting! So I thought it was time to stop and have a cheesy looking holiday cocktail.

Yes they are pina colada's!! I know you're jealous of how classy they look haha. We weren't really dressed for the beach and wanted to spend a day there later on in the week so for now our work was done and we decided to stroll back to the hotel so we could go and lay by the pool and do a bit of swimming.

But I got distracted on the way back by this little number.

Gran Canaria

Oh yeah! Two scoops, one pistachio and one dulce de leche. *drools* It was so frickin good and it was a lovely waffle cone as well, because I'm not all that keen on cheap wafer cones. I tried to scoff it down before it melted all down my fingers but I failed so had to stand there licking and sucking the sticky remanence off my hands, yes I know how wrong that sounds so just imagine how wrong it looked!

The pool area in our hotel was lovely, and after all that walking it was nice to lay down in the sunshine listen to my ipod and relax for a while, I may have even had a few moments where I dozed off, but taking a little dip in the pool certainly woke me up as I took forever to emerge myself into the water because it was so chilly. The boyf kept trying to coax me in saying just dunk right under then it will be alright! I don't think so, my heart might have gone into shock if I had done that, instead I took my sweet time and then tried to swim gracefully around the pool and not to make too much of a splashing scene as I tried to hurry away from boyf when I was concerned he was going to dunk me.

We were good little holiday makers this day and went to the gym for a while before going down for dinner, so I could feel slightly less guilty about all the yummy food piled up on my plate. 

This was the outfit I wore to dinner, don't mind how awkward I look in this photo, my boyfriend had just said "pose for the camera" and I always end up looking like a bunny caught in headlights when I'm caught off guard.

Holiday Gran Canaria
Dress: Star by Julian Macdonald

And there we have it, day two of our holiday. Check back for the next instalment of the series which will include details of the amazing excursions we went on.

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