Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer Holiday | Part One

I'm still suffering from the post holiday blues even though we touched down back in Blighty 5 days ago. My boyfriend and I went on holiday to Gran Canaria for a week and had the most amazing time, so of course I'm going to share my experiences with you guys and maybe give you a little inspiration if you are planning your own holiday and haven't decided where to go.

So first things first, we booked the holiday as a package through Thomson because it's a reliable name and there would be a rep in our hotel in case we needed anything. We booked a half board package with transfers included which takes the stress out of those first few moments of your holiday, it's nice to know a coach will be waiting for you and you don't have to worry about finding a cab and possibly being charged "tourist" rate!

Now onto the good stuff!

Our flight out was a nice sociable afternoon time which meant we didn't have to haul ourselves out of bed at silly 'o clock, we had a nice drive to the airport and parked the car in the mid stay and I may have been ever so slightly annoying as I was very excited to get out of the car. To me it felt like the holiday was so close I could almost taste the sangria! So naturally I kept telling the boyf to "hurry up" in a whiny voice whilst jigging about on the spot.

We got into the airport sorted out the necessaries and then headed to the fun bit, DUTY FREE! I got a couple of items from MAC and may have bought a few too many goodies for the flight, then we sat down to have some much needed breakfast as I sniffled at the thought of more than a few hours without twitter, facebook, youtube and instagram (you know I'm not the only one, you would feel sad too!) I will add that this delighted my boyfriend though, because he thinks social media is the third wheel in our relationship, so he was certainly smiling at this point.

I will also add that one pack of M&M goodies didn't even make the plane, but hey I'm on holiday and that starts from the moment my feet touch the airport tiles.

I don't mind flying, but I do mind how bored I get, the flight time was "only" 4 hours 20, but to me that's like FOUR HOURS TWENTY MINUTES! Eugh, what am I going to do for all that time with my arse pinned to an uncomfortable chair in the same spot with no YouTube or Twitter to occupy me!! So yes I did go a little stir crazy and the Boyf bagged the window seat because he's mean to me and still doesn't understand how much of a child I am and how he should pander to my every whim (haha if only). So I sat, and wriggled and huffed, sat wriggled, huffed, you see the pattern forming here!

FINALLY we hit the tarmac and then had to wait the obligatory AGE to get off the plane where the seconds don't seem to move because the universe is laughing at you making you wait in that awkward position half bent, doing your best attempt at standing, whilst clinging onto the seat in front praying for the people in the aisle to move a little before your legs give way, but you feel this is better than staying in your seat because you are poised ready for action. LET ME OFF THE FRICKIN PLANE!

There it was, the beautiful Gran Canaria. Whilst Boyf went to wait by the luggage carousel for our cases I popped to the less than beautiful canarian airport toilets and why do I always get the door that doesn't lock? But desperate to pee I had to balance myself with one leg holding the door shut (oh the glamour). And there it was the moment where we finally walked out into the evening sunshine, we had arrived!

We hopped onto our coach and got the first glimpses of the country as it drove from the airport to all of the hotel stops, where you do that judgy thing as people get off at their stop and you check out their hotel thinking I'm glad I didn't pick this one and secretly hope yours looks better. (You know you do that too, you always have to check out other peoples hotel)

Then there was the moment where the guide called out our Hotel name, Gran Canaria Princess. My eyes lit up as we pulled into this large driveway lined with palm trees and caught sight of the huge glass doors shielding a gorgeous reception area. I may have let out a little happy squeak.

It was beautiful, very sleek and modern with lovely purple sofa's and flowers and marble flooring. We got into the lift to travel up to the 6th floor and walked along the corridor which was also really nice. My excitement was building because everything looked so good I was just hoping our room wouldn't be a let down. Then there was the moment where we slipped the key card into the reader and the little green light showed and I flung the door open and let out a little shriek of delight. It was better than I had expected, so white and clean and spacious. I ran round with my camera videoing it all, the bathroom was stunning with a lovely big shower and then my boyfriend called "Michelle come here you have got to see this!" I rushed over to the balcony doors and saw his face beaming because we had completely lucked out, our room was a corner plot so we had a HUGE wrap around balcony with sun loungers! I stood racing on the spot giggling like a child, the view was awesome and I could already imagine sitting out here with a drink soaking in the atmosphere and being able to sunbathe in our own private area so I wouldn't need to keep worrying how my wobbly bits looked!

Gran Canaria Princess
Gran Canaria Princess

The view only got better at night time, it all looked even more beautiful with all the lights twinkling.

Gran Canaria Princess
Gran Canaria Princess

After we had stopped admiring the view we went down to the restaurant for dinner which is served buffet style and was really tasty. There was so much choice, about 4/5 different salad dishes, there was always two soups on offer, then a mix of different meat, fish and vegetable dishes and sides, plenty of bread and rolls and then there was the dessert counter, this was the place I would stand pondering how many different desserts I could put on my plate before people began staring and pointing at the greedy girl!

We ordered a jug of sangria to satisfy my urge, and to tick one of the boxes on my little list of things I wanted to do whilst we were there. The others included eating calamari, alioli and bread, and going on a banana boat.

So more or less that concludes our first day on the island. If you would like to read more about the amazing trips we did and see more photo's then don't forget to check back as this post is just the first in the series!

Until next time.


  1. that balcony is amazing!! You lucky thing :) I have just got back from Gran Canaria too - Its a lovely island!!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog - Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion xx

    1. We got really lucky with the balcony yeah. It is beautiful there, I would love to go back.


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