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Summer Holiday | Part Three

I had so much to tell you about my holiday to Gran Canaria that I knew I couldn't fit it all into one post as it would have been way too long. So if you need to catch up on part one and two they are just below.

Day 3 of our holiday was the first day we went on an excursion, and it was a day out at sea on a catamaran. It was beautiful and sunny and a perfect way to combine relaxation with a little sightseeing. The coach collected us from our hotel in Maspolomas and took us to Puerto Rico where we went aboard the Supercat, and got comfy on the chairs on the top deck to enable us to have a good view. All soft drinks, beer, wine and sangria were included in the price of the excursion and were served from the bar on the lower deck where there was also a hot tub!

It was really nice to just sit in the sunshine and chill out and see a little bit more of the island without having to haul yourself around, and then if you get too hot you just pop downstairs and sit in the shade and enjoy the view from the back of the boat without getting sunburnt. Lunch was included in the price of the trip and was a Canarian classic of roast chicken with papas con mojo which are new potatoes boiled in lots of salted water then served with mojo sauce which is incredibly garlicy, so when travelling in couples make sure both of you eat these or else give each other a wide berth.


Day 4 of the holiday was by far the best day we had on the island, this was the day we went out of the 4x4 adventure and it was hands down one of the best things I have ever done. There was a group of about 5 open top land rovers that all travelled in convoy and head from Maspolomas right up into the canarian mountains. If you are a nervous passenger, have back problems or are just a bit of a scaredy cat then this wouldn't have been for you.

We started out in the morning and were advised it would be best to buy a bandanna to cover our nose and mouth for the off road part of the tour as it would get pretty dusty. So the boyf and I embraced the fact that this was not a day for looking nice, myself especially as I put a kaftan type top over my sundress and donned a cheap hat bought from the local supermarket to try and prevent my head and nose ending up an unattractive shade of red. Only problem with this idea was that when we started moving the wind caught my hat and was blowing it off so I had to quickly scrap that idea and just hope for the best.

gran canaria

Yes I do know I look really stupid in this outfit, a terrible combination of kaftan, dodgy hat and bandanna, but I would rather look like an idiot than try to look chic on a trip like this. You want to cover as much skin as possible with light weight clothing because there was no shelter and it was scorching hot in the mountains and sunburn is not a good look!

Gran Canaria

We spent the day winding our way up the tiny little roads into the mountains where sometimes the adrenaline would kick in as we were very close to the cliff edge with no barriers so one wrong move and we would have been tumbling down the rocks to meet our maker! It was all part of the excitement of the trip though and our driver was a Spanish dude who was amused by the girls screams as he screeched around the corners really fast sending them into a frenzy of fear! Myself, I love that kind of stuff and for me it only made the trip way more memorable.

Gran Canaria

We stopped at various points along the way to have photo opportunities and toilet breaks and the chance to take in the amazing sights was incredible. My only problem was the hardship of trying to haul myself back into the land rover every time as I'm of average height and they were so bloody far off the ground I would be scrabbling around looking less than glamorous attempting to grab onto the roll bar to hoist myself back into my seat!

Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Stopping off for lunch at a camel park and enjoying the classic of chicken with papas con mojo and lots of sangria again was a welcome break, some of the group went off for a camel ride at this point by boyf was less than impressed with this idea so we took the opportunity to just sit in the cool for a while. Then we were off, this time on the unmade roads where things were going to get a little dusty and a lot more bumpy!

Gran Canaria

We all pulled our bandannas up over our noses and held on for dear life as we sped through the rocky roads right on the cliff's edge. It was so exciting as our tyres hit the rocks sending us skidding from left to right, and the tight hair pin turns where Spanish dude did almost handbrake turns around the corners leaving you thinking for a split second we were going to roll right off the edge of the road. And the dust was everywhere! It was flying over the top of us like a blanket, covering every inch of our sun scorched skin. Before we knew it, it was over and we had arrived back in Maspolomas feeling more grubby and dirty than I have ever felt in my life. So although I had had an amazing day all I could think about what getting back to the hotel and taking a shower, you can imagine the colour of that water!

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