Sunday, 1 June 2014

Holiday Prep

summer holiday

It's finally summer time and I am off on my hols in 9 days!! I am one very excited girl right now, because I haven't been on holiday for a very long time. I could quite possibly self combust because I am looking forward to it that much.

However the one thing I do hate about holidays is the way the time leading up to them just seems to disappear before your eyes and you always run out of time to get everything done don't you? Today I started making lists of all the things I need to do before I go.

  • Get hi-lites done
  • Get nails done
  • Buy a big suitcase
  • Get some denim shorts
  • Buy a new deodorant
  • Get Euros
  • Hand wash bikini
  • Give myself a pedicure
In all honesty that list is probably missing a few points as well, and I am working all week including Saturday so I will only have Sunday to sort any last minute bits!!

I bought sun cream and after sun a couple of weeks ago when they were on offer in Boots, I got Hawaiian Tropic because I was seduced by the gorgeous fragrance of coconut, and I picked up some fake tan because I don't want to feel too milk bottle walking through the airport! I just hope I don't end up streaky instead.

Hawaiian Tropic
hawaiian tropic after sun

Doesn't the after sun look lucious, I can't wait to dig my fingers into that stuff, I just hope it is as good as it smells!

I have written down a list of clothing I want to take, I need 6 evening outfits and at the moment I have only arranged 5 of them. I am also struggling to decide on footwear, how do you pick one or two pairs of shoes that go with 6 different outfits!!

So in an effort to be as organised as I can be, I need to stay on top of things. My task for this evening is to give myself a pedicure and paint my toe nails so they should last until we leave with a possible need for a little top up of colour. I WILL be using foot cream every single night before bed so my feet are nice and soft and smooth and won't scare the locals on the beach!

Then I will aim to pack a little each night when I finally get my suitcase, so I don't have to do it in a mad rush the night before we leave.

I shall keep you updated on my progress, do you have any packing tips?


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