Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun

Hawaiian Tropic are a rather big name in the world of tanning, I remember about 12 years ago when they were predominantly about tan accelerator lotions for use with sunbeds, but I guess since the truth of their dangers to your health became public knowledge they have somewhat sank in popularity so Hawaiian Tropic now seem to be a lot more main stream with their sun screen and after sun products.

I was attracted to the spray sun screen and after sun body butter mainly because I thought they were quality products with a lovely exotic fragrance and they were on special offer in Boots when I went in to buy the sun care for my holiday.
I got the after sun body butter because I wanted something really nourishing for my skin as I would be spending a lot of time in the sun, sea and pool so knew my skin would take a little bit of a beating. However now I wish I had invested my money in a different product. 

hawaiian tropic, body butter

The body butter smells gorgeous,  it was supposed to be coconut but I swear it has a slight banana scent. Either way it's lovely, but that feels like the only good thing it has going for it. The first time I applied the product, the morning I flew out on holiday it stung my skin and made it feel really hot. I persevered and used it on my skin after a day in the sun and more than soothe my sun kissed skin it made it feel like it was on fire. 

after sun, body butter

My boyfriend also commented on how it wasn't very cooling, which is really a quality you would expect from an after sun.
Sadly the body butter did little to help my skin feel hydrated so I stopped using it because I felt my skin was a little better off without this product.

hawaiian tropic body butter

Very disappointing when you consider the price of this product when it's not on special offer.

Anyone know of a really good after sun as I will be making a new investment in time for my next holiday.

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