Friday, 2 May 2014

The Best Foot Cream Ever!!

So summer is creeping up on us faster than it takes to put on your sun hat, and if your feet are looking drier that Gandhi's slipper then you may be feeling a mild sense of panic at the thought of getting them out in public! Lets face it, no one wants to see your dry, cracked hobbit feet. So we need to do something about it pronto!

Well I have the answer! The best foot cream out there that will smooth out those trotters and leave them looking pretty darn good, you might even be able to fool people into thinking they look like that all year around even whilst hidden under your slipper socks in front of a fire.

flexitol heel balm, best foot cream

This foot cream is called Flexitol Heel balm, it is seriously intense moisturising substance that you smooth onto your dry cracked heels before you snuggle up in bed and it does its magic in time for you to be impressed when you wake up the next morning!

It has a bit of a funny texture, very waxy, but honestly you wouldn't care what it feels like as long as it makes your tootsies look amazing, which it does!

Once you have fully combated the nasty dry skin you can decrease the amount you use it to once or twice a week for maintenance and use a normal foot cream the rest of the time.

So rush on down to Boots and get yourself some, summer is just around the corner and you need this in your life.

You can thank me later!

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  1. Any drugstore I can get this at? Maybe Walmart? I def want to try this.

    1. I'm not sure about the US market, maybe try searching to see if it's available. It's an amazing footcream!


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