Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Quick M&S Dinner

I'm not going to chatter on for too long, I just wanted to share a really fast and lazy dinner idea courtesy of Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer stir fry

Their £6 stir fry deal is pretty good if you are strapped for time, it's so quick to make and couldn't be more simple than slinging it all into a wok or pan for about 5 minutes! I chose pad thai noodles, prawns, and a chilli and coconut sauce, and of course the stir fry veggies.

marks and spencer stir fry

It was so delicious, the prawns were packed raw so they stayed lovely and juicy once cooked, the pad thai noodles were really tasty and the veggies nice and crisp.

prawn pad thai

The portion was really generous for two people as well, we both had plenty and were more than satisfied with our tasty dinner.

Not bad for £6 when it took all the effort out of making dinner after a hard days work!

Nice one M & S!

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