Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Win a MAC Lipstick! *CLOSED*

Now my blog may only be small, but I enjoy creating this online diary of mine and I am beyond grateful for every person that comes along and reads what I have to say. I love getting an email pop up in my inbox to say someone has left a comment. It means a lot to me that people take the time to write to me, and it really makes me smile.

So as a little thank you to the precious followers I have, I want to give you the chance to win a MAC lipstick of your choice.
All you have to do to enter is make sure you follow my blog, either by GFC or Bloglovin and leave a comment on this post telling me the shade of lipstick you would like to win and why, along with your GFC/Bloglovin name.

This competition includes any of the standard MAC lipsticks, including viva glam.


Open to UK residents, closing date will be 18/6/14 6pm GMT.

Monday, 26 May 2014

A Few Primark Bits

Last weekend I popped into Primark to have a look for some affordable things to take with me on holiday. I just wanted some T Shirts that I could sling on with shorts, nice and easy.

I purchased the following couple of things:

Primark t shirt

I love this little t shirt, it's really lightweight so will be great in hot weather and I love the pretty lemon shade and writing on the front. I want to get myself a pair of denim shorts to wear this with, then I can sling them both on over a bikini when we want to go exploring.

primark vest top

This loose vest top will also be great teamed with denim shorts for the day time or a pair of skinny jeans and heels for a casual evening look. I just wanted light, cool fabrics to wear so I won't get too hot and clammy, because that is not a good look at all!

primark dress
Primark dress

I've had my eye on this little dress for a couple of weeks, do decided to get this as well. I like the way I will be able to wear it in the day with flat sandals or with wedges and some jewellery for the evening. Multi tasking clothing is what you need for holidays so you don't have to pack loads of stuff and you have more space in your suitcase for all the treasures you want to bring home ; )

Now I just need to find myself some nice denim shorts, and I don't want ones that are so short that my butt cheeks will hang out of the bottom, I'm too old for all that! Any ideas on the best place to get a nice comfy pair?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Naked Palette Look | Face Of The Day

We all know and love Urban Decays naked palettes, most probably own one if not all of them!
The problem I have is that I stick to the same couple of colours and need to utilise all the shades I have at my disposal.

urban decay smoky eye, Michelle Louise Love

So today I have used a couple of the untouched eye shadows, and I will challenge myself to do this more often and create some new looks.

This make-up look was so quick and simple to create, I didn't want to fiddle around taking ages to blend the look. I started with some of the shade "creep" and smudged it into my upper and lower lash line then ran a fluffy brush over the top to soften it. Next I took the "gunmetal" and put this all over my eyelid and again used a blending brush to soften the edges so it gently fades out, lastly I used some "virgin" and dabbed a little into the inner corners of my eyes to lighten the look.

urban decay, smoky eye, Michelle Louise Love

See so simple, but it looks pretty.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Birthday Weekender | Marlow, Buckinghamshire

This weekend gone was my birthday. I'm not a massive fan of my birthdays, I don't cope well with the reminder of another year of my life passing and becoming yet another year older, so we won't dwell on that bit. I did however have a wonderful few days, special thanks to my boyfriend for arranging it all.

A little nod also goes out to the weather gods, who provided beautiful sunshine the whole weekend through which added to its perfection.

From the moment I opened my eyes on my birthday it was special. I relished the chance to lay in bed for a little while, and listen to the clattering coming from the kitchen as my boyfriend prepared a wonderful breakfast of blueberry pancakes, chopped banana, maple syrup and creme fraiche, accompanied by fresh coffee and juice. And of course everything always tastes so much better when you haven't slaved over the stove to make it yourself.

Michelle Louise Love

The sun was beaming down strong and bright when we made our way out to the car for our little road trip to Marlow in Buckinghamshire, I went there 6 years ago and fell in love with the place so I was really excited to go back.

I love the feeling of getting in the car on a beautiful sunny day when the blue sky is endless as you speed along the motorway with your favourite music up loud, excited to reach your destination but appreciating the journey, the time to talk, laugh and make plans. I even enjoy pulling into the service station, especially when we find a really nice plush one full of good places to eat and clean toilets (you know you appreciate that one too, nothing worse than a manky public lav). Our little rest stop was a rather impressive service station where we sat and ate noodles with thai red curry, and grabbed ourselves a starry b's coffee, which the boyf managed to spill and burn his hand a little with steaming hot americano! I of course made the sensible choice for such a warm day, an iced latte! I didn't burn myself.

Buckinghamshire sign
Marlow, Bucks

After the little pit stop we were back on our way, our destination was well within our sights with only a few miles left to go, they flew past and before we knew it we were pulling into the picturesque little village of Marlow, with its stunning little winding roads lined with very English looking cottages. And there is was, The Compleat Angler hotel, the place I had waited 6 years to return to and it looked every bit as beautiful as it did back then. Sitting proudly along side a beautiful bridge right on the waters edge it is such a perfect setting. I couldn't contain my smile as we walked through the archway that leads to reception, I was so excited to explore.

Compleat Angler, Marlow
Marlow, Buckinghamshire
swan. Marlow

We checked in and enjoyed a glass of fruit punch as we did, and then we were taken up to our room. I couldn't wait to dump our bags down and head back outside to the sunshine, I didn't want to miss a single second.

swans on the thames
Marlow, Bucks

Marlow is situated right on the River Thames and is honestly one of the most beautiful places to visit, we strolled along the riverside for miles as the minutes just melted away whilst we watched swans, ducks and boats pass us by.

Lamb, Marlow

Would you believe that only 20 seconds before, this little character was staring straight at us, we missed the shot and all the squeaking, kissing noises in the world wouldn't make him look our way again. He wasn't at all interested in having his photo taken!

boats, river thames, marlow

We passed idyllic looking homes right on the water front with boats moored up outside, can you imagine instead of going out your front door and jumping into your car you instead jump in your boat! That would be amazing and one day hopefully I will be lucky enough to be able to, both my boyfriend and I would love to have a boat. We made plans of what our weekends might have in store for us if we did, as we watched on whilst people cruised past on their own boats looking relaxed and sunkissed. What a dream.

Marlow Bucks

Reluctantly we had to turn back towards the hotel to get ready for dinner, I felt like I could have kept walking forever. It was so peaceful and picture perfect I never wanted to leave. But before reaching the hotel we stopped at the ice cream truck to indulge my inner child by getting a 99 cone with a flake.

After showering off the dust from our walk, we tarted ourselves up a bit and made our way down to the riverside restaurant for my birthday meal. The food was wonderful, I couldn't take any pictures of it I'm afraid as it was very quiet and it wouldn't have been the done thing in a place like this. The menu states it would like you to refrain from using your phone in the restaurant so I doubt they would appreciate me getting a little snap happy with the food!

Michelle Louise Love

The evening had slipped through our fingers, and we both felt really sleepy. And so to bed!


We awoke to another beautiful sunny day and enjoyed breakfast overlooking the river. I tucked into a croissant with real butter, followed by eggs benedict. This is one of my favourite things to have for breakfast but I rarely do because it can be cooked so wrong and end up disappointing.
Their eggs benedict was not a disappointment at all, the poached eggs were cooked to perfection, so when I pierced them the yolk flowed out like liquid gold and pooled onto the english muffin with the delicious creamy hollendaise sauce. So incredibly tasty!

The Compleat Angler Hotel

It was sadly time to pack our things and say goodbye to Marlow, it had been a wonderful flying visit. Until next time, we shall undoubtedly be back to enjoy your wonderful hospitality!


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Sunday, 11 May 2014

I Love Sundays!

Sunday's are the best aren't they, just the nature of them makes you feel like you should be having a relaxed and enjoyable day. It is the day for lie in's, cooked breakfasts, lots and lots of good coffee, Sunday strolls, family, wine...... Or is that just me??

I don't tend to lay in a lot really, for some reason this morning at 7.30 I was up cleaning my oven, because that's what I do on Sunday mornings apparently! I then managed to lose an hour of my time just coo-ing over pictures on instagram (here I am on instagram by the way, oooo, how did you like that little plug there!!)

My boyfriend deployed himself on a bacon finding mission so we could start our Sunday the right way, with bacon butties of course! Providing the fuel for another lovely day.

We went for another walk by the river, and it seems a few playful little blue tits decided to join us along the way, they were darting between the trees as we walked, seemingly curious as to who we were and what we were doing. We got so close to them as they were very bold and didn't seem at all bothered by our presence.

Michelle Louise Love
Faux Leather Jacket: New Look

A gorgeous swan was gracefully drifting on the river as well and also decided to take an interest in us and follow us as we walked along the river side, it's funny to see nature so curious about us humans and wanting to watch us.

Michelle Louise Love

I'm so grateful to live in a lovely city centre but have the option to walk about 2 minutes from my home and be in the middle of a field heading towards beautiful countryside and perfect tranquillity. The weather was doing some amazing and mesmerising things whilst we walked, it was caught between sunshine and heavy rain and the clash of the two was causing a stunning rainbow. The low evening sunshine was licking the tips of the trees and the grass which looked gorgeous against the dark grey clouds looming above, making us wonder if we were going to be able to make it home without getting drenched in a spring storm.

Michelle Louise Love

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday, making wonderful memories!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Siam Cottage Chelmsford | Review

Dinner was a little bit spontaneous, as the place we had originally planned to visit had stopped serving food so we found ourselves at a Thai restaurant instead. The decor was gorgeous, lots of rich wood and gold Thai statues. We were seated in this cosy little booth area that was a little secluded from the rest of the restaurant. Rather than feeling like we were in the middle of an English town, the surroundings transported us to a decadent Thai destination.

We chose chicken satay to start because it is a favourite of ours and then a couple of mains to share.

Satay chicken

The satay was absolutely delicious, the chicken was tender and juicy and the peanut sauce was creamy and moreish, and it came beautifully presented.

satay chicken, siam cottage

The Gai Yang was outstanding, char grilled chicken that had been marinated in garlic, coconut milk, coriander root and rice wine. It was certainly garlicky but I love that, and the char grilled flavour really came through on the meat.

Gai Yang, Siam Cottage
gai yang, siam cottage, chelmsford

We also ordered a prawn pad thai, this is one of my favourite Thai dishes and although Siam Cottages version was tasty I felt the prawns were a little over cooked.

pad thai, siam cottage, chelmsford
pad thai

However good the food was, it was tainted by the terrible service we received. We waited an hour for our main course to arrive, without any explanation of the delay. When the first of our mains did finally turn up, we waited a further five minutes for the other to arrive. We decided to start eating despite our coconut rice having not shown up but after 15 minutes we informed the waitress and she scurried off to find out where it was. She returned to tell us that the batch of coconut rice wasn't ready! By this point we had been waiting for an hour and twenty minutes! How long does rice take to cook??

The thing that annoyed me about this was that if my boyfriend and I hadn't been sharing, then one of us would have been served a chicken dish without anything to go with it, and they wouldn't have even bothered to give us an explanation had we not asked!!

It's such a shame that their service is so poor, we noticed that other people in the restaurant that evening were having the same issues. Disappointing, I very much doubt we will ever return as my boyfriend was seething, and it wasn't an enjoyable dining experience.
Sorry Siam Cottage, you leave a lot to be desired, and from the reviews on trip advisor we are clearly not the only ones who think so!

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Exploring Colchester

I really like to make the most of any time off, if you're not at work then life is for making memories and enjoying yourself. My boyfriend and I wanted to get out and about and do something we haven't done for a long time, roller skating!! In my case it has been about 12 years since I last donned my quads so I was extremely nervous about doing so in case I was to fall straight on my arse, and worse, fall on my arse in front of lots of people!!

We decided to head out to Colchester because Roller World has a massive skating rink, and I knew of a lovely little coffee shop we could have lunch in first.

In Eld Lane there is an adorable place called Coffee and Cream, they do the best jacket potatoes! I'm not kidding they are amazing and they have lots of toppings to choose from and they always come with a really generous side salad that is almost as good as the jacket itself. It has creamy coleslaw, pasta salad and caramelised onions and is super tasty.


We chose the Chicken Tikka topping and it is absolutely delicious the chicken pieces are plentiful and the tikka sauce is rich and creamy with a tiny hint of spice. They give you a really decent portion as well so it's very filling. If you are ever in Colchester I really recommend this little place, it lovely coffee as well and has an awesome range of ice cream as well. Sadly my potato was too filling for me to squeeze in some ice cream too!

tikka jacket potato, colchester, coffee and cream

tikka baked potato

Then onto Roller World, when we got inside I was really impressed with the size of their rink, it was so spacious so you have enough room to skate without falling over everyone else. That didn't stop me feeling incredibly nervous though, I didn't want to fall over because quite simply it hurts!

I only made it once around the rink before I started thinking it wasn't going to come back to me and I wanted to go home. I always panic a bit too much, so I sat down for a bit, took a deep breath and bit the bullet and got myself back out on the rink and before I knew it I was speeding round having a great time. It felt so good to skate again, I used to go a lot as a kid and loved it and now I remember why, I had so much fun that when it started approaching our end time the only reason I was ready to leave was because my feet were aching. I can't wait to go again and really get back into skating. It's certainly a fun way to keep fit!

When we got home we had a little bit of time to kill before going out for dinner so we decided to go for a little walk that turned into rather a long walk actually. We walked through peaceful fields that were so absent of people it felt like we were the only ones left on the planet, strolled alongside the river and picked out a couple of awesome picnic spots for when the weather is warmer.
I love walking, I enjoy exploring places I haven't been before and I often like the solitude of walking alone, it's perfect for clearing your mind.

River Chelmer, Michelle Louise Love
bridge over river chelmer
Michelle Louise Love

The sun started setting as we walked which added to the magic, it was so beautiful. Isn't going for a walk through the countryside one of the best ways to spend a relaxing afternoon, especially if you head out around dusk, I never get tired of sunsets!

Michelle Louise Love

river chelmer
Michelle Louise Love
Michelle Louise Love

Friday, 2 May 2014

The Best Foot Cream Ever!!

So summer is creeping up on us faster than it takes to put on your sun hat, and if your feet are looking drier that Gandhi's slipper then you may be feeling a mild sense of panic at the thought of getting them out in public! Lets face it, no one wants to see your dry, cracked hobbit feet. So we need to do something about it pronto!

Well I have the answer! The best foot cream out there that will smooth out those trotters and leave them looking pretty darn good, you might even be able to fool people into thinking they look like that all year around even whilst hidden under your slipper socks in front of a fire.

flexitol heel balm, best foot cream

This foot cream is called Flexitol Heel balm, it is seriously intense moisturising substance that you smooth onto your dry cracked heels before you snuggle up in bed and it does its magic in time for you to be impressed when you wake up the next morning!

It has a bit of a funny texture, very waxy, but honestly you wouldn't care what it feels like as long as it makes your tootsies look amazing, which it does!

Once you have fully combated the nasty dry skin you can decrease the amount you use it to once or twice a week for maintenance and use a normal foot cream the rest of the time.

So rush on down to Boots and get yourself some, summer is just around the corner and you need this in your life.

You can thank me later!

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Quick M&S Dinner

I'm not going to chatter on for too long, I just wanted to share a really fast and lazy dinner idea courtesy of Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer stir fry

Their £6 stir fry deal is pretty good if you are strapped for time, it's so quick to make and couldn't be more simple than slinging it all into a wok or pan for about 5 minutes! I chose pad thai noodles, prawns, and a chilli and coconut sauce, and of course the stir fry veggies.

marks and spencer stir fry

It was so delicious, the prawns were packed raw so they stayed lovely and juicy once cooked, the pad thai noodles were really tasty and the veggies nice and crisp.

prawn pad thai

The portion was really generous for two people as well, we both had plenty and were more than satisfied with our tasty dinner.

Not bad for £6 when it took all the effort out of making dinner after a hard days work!

Nice one M & S!
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