Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter Time

I shall start by apologising for my absence over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes life just gets in the way doesn't it? And not always in a good way either!

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend eating lots of delicious chocolate! I only had 2 days off over Easter but they were the kind of simple idyllic days where you didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but you just couldn't have imagined doing it any other way.

Easter Sunday morning I was alone as my boyfriend went to play an early round of golf, so I decided to take myself out for a walk, I was just in the mood to keep strolling and see where I ended up, (hopefully not too lost). The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold and the peace and lack of other people about was soothing for the soul. It's not very often you can walk around a busy town without bumping into lots of people, so I really enjoyed it and got to do one of my favourite things, explore and be nosey looking at beautiful houses.

table setting

I haven't lived in my town for very long so it was lovely to just wander down the streets and learn where things were. I stumbled upon a few stunning little pubs and restaurants hidden down roads I would never have been down, so it was a success.

I returned home to lay the table for dinner and start cooking Easter lunch, shortly after, the boyfriend arrived home and we sat down to enjoy a feast of beautiful lamb, washed down with lots of red wine.

Easter Lunch

Simple but perfect!

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