Sunday, 2 March 2014

What Weekends Are For

What are the weekends for? Time with family? Time with friends? Time for a little fun? All of the above, yes indeed. It's Sunday afternoon, it's now looking a little bleak outside after a burst of sunshine and blue skies this morning. I didn't even need gloves or a scarf when I left for a little walk before breakfast, now that is progress!

I haven't had the best of weeks really, work has pretty much sucked and made me feel really low at points, but Saturday evening my boyfriend came to the rescue and suggested we go for dinner and cocktails at Chiquito's and let off some steam. This deal was sweetened by the serious lack of journey to the restaurant, as our new apartment is right next to it, so we stroll downstairs and are there being seated within about 2 minutes!

Chiquito's was just what I needed, our local one is really spacious and they all have cosy rustic decor in deep, rich colours of terracotta and mustard yellow with dim lighting and flickering candles and the intoxicating sound of latin music playing that breathes life into your soul!
We were seated straight away on a round mosaic topped table and we didn't hang around in ordering a pitcher of frozen mango margaritas. As I took my first sweet sip of Hispanic goodness I sighed with relief, the weekend is finally here for me and I couldn't help smiling.

frozen mango margarita
My boyfriend had beaten me to the post on taking his first sip as I fumbled around in the darkness trying to photograph my drink using the candle light to capture the ambiance (bloggers will understand this, other will stare and think to themselves I am a little strange). "it's quite strong" he exclaimed, good I thought, I need to drown my weeks sorrows, fill my glass to the brim!!

Margarita's make me happy, and it's not all down to the alcohol content, I love how after you have taken a sip of heaven you get little sugar crystals stuck to your lips that are necessary to lick off. I don't know if it's the latin spirit entwined into the food, drink and music that make your feet tap under the table and your body shake to the beat of the music, or maybe it's the spice in every delicious mouthful of food that makes you feel this way? But you would have to be a complete grump with an aversion to fun to not get sucked in by the feel good factor of south american style cuisine and fiesta!
We had a sharing platter of tostada's to start filled with tasty goodness like feta cheese and squash, and pulled pork and sweetcorn. They are messy and you have to get in there and eat them with your hands whilst the sauce oozes out and down your fingers and you have to quickly lick it up before it ends up down your wrists! But that's half the fun of it, it is not fine dining, it is good weekend dining, diving in and sharing the delicious little morsels between swigs of margarita and taking a moment to take in the buzzy atmosphere. For me, the starter was the best bit, I really enjoyed tucking into the tostadas and wrapping them up and taking a massive bite knowing the filling was all going to fall out of the other end, they were really flavoursome.

mexican food

I ordered Mango baked baked cod which came on a sizzling fajita pan with lots of onions and bell peppers and was smouldering hot and producing some serious smoke that shot down the back of my throat and made me cough, but again that's half the thrill of mexican or south american dining, it adds a little something to the meal. I had a portion of sweet potato fries on the side and they were something else I'm telling you! They had a perfect crispy coating that gave a satisfying crunch when you bit into them and was complimented perfectly by a creamy dip with a spicy little kick.
I enjoyed it so much there, it was an awesome Saturday night spent with my favourite person. We decided to finish off our meal back in our apartment with coffee and an episode of Game of Thrones whilst snuggled up on the sofa with the world passing by outside our windows.
After a little bit of a lie in Sunday morning, I relaxed whilst my boyfriend cooked breakfast. These little moments are honestly some of my best memories, sitting on the rug on the floor with my back leaning against the sofa, sipping a coffee and chatting to him as the sun poured through the window, it sounds so simple but it will probably be burned into my memory for years to come, simplified perfection! Taking the time to breathe in the moment and enjoy it, life can't always be about the big events, you need to remember to enjoy the small things as well.
All of these moments are as precious as the holidays and big parties, you will look back and fondly remember little breakfasts, and car journey traditions just as much, so make sure you take the time to suck it all in.

It seems despite the rather large breakfast of english muffin, eggs, bacon and hash brown I have still been on an expedition to the bottom of a tub of Ben & Jerrys peanut butter cup ice cream! Using my spoon like a trowel delving in the dirt for treasure (a peanut butter cup could be classed as treasure in my opinion) I have stuffed ice cream to the point of sugar coma, but I think it was worth it! We will think about the calories tomorrow.....
My living room is filled by candle light and the sound of the lumineers playing and I'm thinking about the remaining ice cream left in that tub wondering if it would be really naughty of me to go back for some more?
Ben and jerrys peanut butter cup

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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