Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Statement Red Bag

A few weeks ago I was wandering past Debenhams when a beautiful bright red bag caught my eye. I stopped and looked for a moment and then talked myself out of buying it. What would I wear it with, I don't need another bag. So I walked on, but the next day I went back to have another look and still loved it as much. I went inside to have a proper look and really wanted it, but walked away once more to think.

red handbag, jasper conran

Later that day I gave in, and purchased the bag and I'm very happy I did. It's a beautiful bag and although it's a bright post box red I have realised I could wear it with so much.

My only problem with this bag is the size. I'm used to small bags, I don't tend to carry around a lot of junk so I seem to lose things to the bottom of this suitcase! Many a minute has been spent outside my apartment whilst I search for my keys!

red bag
I love the red and gold combination, and think the bag adds a gorgeous pop of colour to an all black outfit. This bag should still be available in Debenhams if you fancy one yourself.

red bag

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