Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pesto Burgers

Just a quick post today, I wanted to share this with you because they were so darn tasty!! They are also super quick to put together as I cheated and bought the burgers.

I love pesto, I mean really love pesto. I am happy to eat it on or in pretty much anything, I mix it into hot pasta, dip bread sticks into it, mix it through cous cous, salad, porridge..... JOKE I'm not that strange.

One of my fave burgers at GBK is the pestaralla burger, so I decided to do it my way. I mixed lovely pesto with some super tasty french mayo that has dijon mustard in it, I love mayo, I love pesto, together they taste divine!

I slathered said "mesto" (get it, pesto/mayo?) on the bottom of the bun and then filled it with fresh salad and a burger patty with a melted cheese slice, and scoffed it down rather quickly. Why not try something a little bit different next time you cook a burger?

pesto burger, Michelle Louise Love

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