Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Relaxing Night In

The other night I decided that I would kick back and have a lovely relaxing night, some much needed me time.

I was going to run a bath, have a soak, enjoy a drink, cook myself a nice dinner and then chill out in my PJ's to watch a TV show. It has been a very long time since I have done anything like this, and I really couldn't believe how much I enjoyed myself, I actually stood in my kitchen with my drink in hand listening to chilled out club music staring out of my windows onto the world passing by in the darkness below and couldn't stop myself smiling! Note to self, must do this more often. (not too often though or else it would ruin the magic)

So my first step was to run my bath, light some candles, prepare myself a southern comfort and coke, sit the laptop outside the bathroom door playing some lovely relaxing music and drop in a Lush "cinders" bath bomb, and yes I used the WHOLE thing, I know, lavish!

bath time
Lush Cinders bath bomb

I then laid back, closed my eyes for a little while and enjoyed the feel of the water that surrounded my body like a warm hug, blissful!

Every now and then I hauled myself up a little to take a sip of my cool beverage before dunking back beneath the hot water.

When I felt sufficiently pruned, I dried off and wrapped myself up in a big fluffy dressing gown and padded into the kitchen to make some dinner. I will admit that I must have made my drink a little strong because I felt a teeny bit tipsy! This could have contributed to said smiling but I honestly had that little flutter of happiness as if I was on holiday or something!

I whipped up a quick and tasty dinner of gnocci with pesto, garlic and tomato sauce and slumped myself down onto the sofa to enjoy an episode of "the triangle". I then pushed the boat out a little more and allowed myself a couple of squares of chocolate!


This little evening made me so happy, and it really didn't cost anything to do. Moral of the story: You don't have to spend a lot to have a good time and you must stop and enjoy those small moments in life, after all it's about the journey, not the destination!

When was the last time you took some time out to enjoy and pamper yourself?

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