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London Blog Project | Shopping

I am taking part in a series of blog posts all about London and the delights it has to offer. This lovely little project is being run by April from Beautiface.

The first subject is Shopping! Now I'm guessing if you're an avid reader of beauty and fashion blogs you might enjoy a little dabble in the world of shopping, so my shopping post is all about a little part of London that is very close to my heart and an incredible place to wile away the hours in a treasure trove of amazing little shops nesstled into tiny cobbled streets and alleys. It is as much a feast for the eyes as your wallet.... Desperate to know where I'm talking about??

Camden of course!

Michelle Louise Love

Camden is in my opinion one of the most inspiring places to visit in London, it's urban and cool, embraces originality and people there aren't scared to be different. It is jam packed with unique little shops and stalls selling everything you could imagine, from handmade jewellery and nik naks to beautiful furniture imported from exotic lands! The sights and smells of The Stables Market, and The Lock Market will blow your mind, it's a heady mixture of insense, food and shisha.

I am blessed to have once upon a time owned a little shop within The Stables and it was one of the most amazing experiences, the shop keepers and stall holders are one big family and we used to share the ups and downs of our good and bad days trading. The mix of cultures within the market make it so unique, there were people working there that hail from all over the world, all with their own story to tell and wonderful things that you can purchase from them.

The basement floor of the stables is full of second hand books, furniture and vintage clothing, and every little alley is crammed with clothes, jewellery, and ornaments. And then there's the food! Oh goodness the food available is wonderful, the choice is imense, providing something for everyone and the little stalls are cooking it up every day and are happy to tell you all about it.

earrings, Michelle Louise Love
Earring from The Stables Market

earrings from camden, Michelle Louise Love

I have two tips when it comes to shopping in Camden, 1) Always go there hungry, there will be so much you want to eat and drink! 2) Be prepared for crowds, it will be busy so keep hold of your bag you don't want anything to get snatched!

Have fun exploring my favourite little corner of London Town!

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