Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Super Quick Little Dinner

I am shattered tonight for some reason and the thought of standing in the kitchen making dinner made me want to shrivel up and wish I could survive on thin air.

I was only ever going to make myself a salad for dinner but couldn't even muster up the energy to have to open a can of tuna, so I had a little change of plan.

A tasty and quick meal doesn't have to be difficult. I threw this little number together in a matter of minutes and it was pretty darn good and tasted all the better for not having me slaving over a hot stove to create it.

I slapped the kettle on to boil, ripped the top off a packet of Mediterranean style cous cous and threw it in a bowl and covered with boiling water. I hacked messy chunks of ripe juicy tomato into a dish, chucked in a few aduki beans, some bagged salad leaves and a little pesto and mixed it all together. Hey presto a delicious dinner in a couple of minutes and there wasn't a microwave in sight! I added a crisp bread to the side, just because I really love them and then plonked my lazy butt onto the sofa to devour it!

cous cous salad

cous cous salad

Happy Eating!

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