Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Super Quick Little Dinner

I am shattered tonight for some reason and the thought of standing in the kitchen making dinner made me want to shrivel up and wish I could survive on thin air.

I was only ever going to make myself a salad for dinner but couldn't even muster up the energy to have to open a can of tuna, so I had a little change of plan.

A tasty and quick meal doesn't have to be difficult. I threw this little number together in a matter of minutes and it was pretty darn good and tasted all the better for not having me slaving over a hot stove to create it.

I slapped the kettle on to boil, ripped the top off a packet of Mediterranean style cous cous and threw it in a bowl and covered with boiling water. I hacked messy chunks of ripe juicy tomato into a dish, chucked in a few aduki beans, some bagged salad leaves and a little pesto and mixed it all together. Hey presto a delicious dinner in a couple of minutes and there wasn't a microwave in sight! I added a crisp bread to the side, just because I really love them and then plonked my lazy butt onto the sofa to devour it!

cous cous salad

cous cous salad

Happy Eating!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Relaxing Night In

The other night I decided that I would kick back and have a lovely relaxing night, some much needed me time.

I was going to run a bath, have a soak, enjoy a drink, cook myself a nice dinner and then chill out in my PJ's to watch a TV show. It has been a very long time since I have done anything like this, and I really couldn't believe how much I enjoyed myself, I actually stood in my kitchen with my drink in hand listening to chilled out club music staring out of my windows onto the world passing by in the darkness below and couldn't stop myself smiling! Note to self, must do this more often. (not too often though or else it would ruin the magic)

So my first step was to run my bath, light some candles, prepare myself a southern comfort and coke, sit the laptop outside the bathroom door playing some lovely relaxing music and drop in a Lush "cinders" bath bomb, and yes I used the WHOLE thing, I know, lavish!

bath time
Lush Cinders bath bomb

I then laid back, closed my eyes for a little while and enjoyed the feel of the water that surrounded my body like a warm hug, blissful!

Every now and then I hauled myself up a little to take a sip of my cool beverage before dunking back beneath the hot water.

When I felt sufficiently pruned, I dried off and wrapped myself up in a big fluffy dressing gown and padded into the kitchen to make some dinner. I will admit that I must have made my drink a little strong because I felt a teeny bit tipsy! This could have contributed to said smiling but I honestly had that little flutter of happiness as if I was on holiday or something!

I whipped up a quick and tasty dinner of gnocci with pesto, garlic and tomato sauce and slumped myself down onto the sofa to enjoy an episode of "the triangle". I then pushed the boat out a little more and allowed myself a couple of squares of chocolate!


This little evening made me so happy, and it really didn't cost anything to do. Moral of the story: You don't have to spend a lot to have a good time and you must stop and enjoy those small moments in life, after all it's about the journey, not the destination!

When was the last time you took some time out to enjoy and pamper yourself?

Monday, 24 February 2014

My Week In Pictures

This last week has been crazy busy for me, I moved house and have been settling into my new place, unpacking things I haven't seen for a very long time (including the shoes and nail polish below) and have spent time cooking and enjoying some freedom again.

I am still lacking that little thing called Internet so am using my phone's wifi to upload this to try and keep some blogging consistency. Hope you enjoy the photos!
Michelle Louise Love
 Mocha and blogging | Tuna Salad | Well stocked drinks cupboard | Salmon Gnocci | Much loved shoes | Pretty new cups | Early start | much missed nail polish | Beautiful cushions

Saturday, 22 February 2014

OPI | Dancing In The Isles

Forgive me readers for I have sinned, it has been 2 weeks since my last blog post. I do have a good reason for this however, I have been moving and things have been a little chaotic. I currently have no internet in my apartment which of course makes blogging a little harder.

However I have managed to pull together a post for you and hope that things will be back to normal very soon.

OPI dancing in the isles

This pretty little colour is called "Dancing in the isles" and I chose this one because it's a summery colour and I could have been fooled into thinking it was time for warm weather when the sun was shining through the trees the other morning.

I have had this polish for some time, and I noticed that the brush on this one is a lot slimmer than on the new OPI colours, it made it a little easier to get in close at the nail bed without covering my cuticles in colour. The finish on this shade is lovely and pearlescent and looks so beautiful, perfect for spring (well when it finally gets here that is).

opi dancing in the isles

What is getting you in the mood for some sunshine?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

London Blog Project | Shopping

I am taking part in a series of blog posts all about London and the delights it has to offer. This lovely little project is being run by April from Beautiface.

The first subject is Shopping! Now I'm guessing if you're an avid reader of beauty and fashion blogs you might enjoy a little dabble in the world of shopping, so my shopping post is all about a little part of London that is very close to my heart and an incredible place to wile away the hours in a treasure trove of amazing little shops nesstled into tiny cobbled streets and alleys. It is as much a feast for the eyes as your wallet.... Desperate to know where I'm talking about??

Camden of course!

Michelle Louise Love

Camden is in my opinion one of the most inspiring places to visit in London, it's urban and cool, embraces originality and people there aren't scared to be different. It is jam packed with unique little shops and stalls selling everything you could imagine, from handmade jewellery and nik naks to beautiful furniture imported from exotic lands! The sights and smells of The Stables Market, and The Lock Market will blow your mind, it's a heady mixture of insense, food and shisha.

I am blessed to have once upon a time owned a little shop within The Stables and it was one of the most amazing experiences, the shop keepers and stall holders are one big family and we used to share the ups and downs of our good and bad days trading. The mix of cultures within the market make it so unique, there were people working there that hail from all over the world, all with their own story to tell and wonderful things that you can purchase from them.

The basement floor of the stables is full of second hand books, furniture and vintage clothing, and every little alley is crammed with clothes, jewellery, and ornaments. And then there's the food! Oh goodness the food available is wonderful, the choice is imense, providing something for everyone and the little stalls are cooking it up every day and are happy to tell you all about it.

earrings, Michelle Louise Love
Earring from The Stables Market

earrings from camden, Michelle Louise Love

I have two tips when it comes to shopping in Camden, 1) Always go there hungry, there will be so much you want to eat and drink! 2) Be prepared for crowds, it will be busy so keep hold of your bag you don't want anything to get snatched!

Have fun exploring my favourite little corner of London Town!

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Essie Review | Fiji

I do love the Essie formula for their nail varnish, I will admit I only have a few of their polishes and was really impressed with how the polish glides on and gives a perfect finish.

Essie Fiji, Michelle Louise Love

However, I hastily bought a very pale pink before Christmas and so far hadn't got round to trying it. Yesterday morning I decided it was time to dive in and give it a go. I was concerned after the first nail that I painted, I looked at it and was so underwhelmed with the colour. Now I know this is completely speculative, what I hate another person may love.

Essie Fiji, Michelle Louise Love

The colour is very very pale, bordering on white and I didn't like it to start with, but the shade has grown on me and my boyfriend commented on how nice my nails look, so for him it was a winner!

Essie Fiji, Michelle Louise Love

However here comes the down side, it lacked the usual easy non streaky glide of the Essie formula. For some reason the coverage of this shade was terrible. The first coat was streaky and frankly looked ugly. I am used to only having to use one coat with my other Essie polish, but I persisted and applied another coat expecting this to do the trick. To my dismay it still looked streaky in places and didn't leave my nails with a lovely smooth finish I would have wanted. For me this particula shade gets a thumbs down and may live it out the rest of its days hiding at the back of a drawer.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Little Friend Date

I spent my Sunday catching up with a really good friend of mine who now lives hours and hours away from me at the end of the earth (or so it feels!)

We started the day with a little coffee and catch up and then went on to stuff our faces with super good food from one of our favourite chains Las Iguanas. We have spent many an hour talking, laughing and eating in these restaurants and always find it really hard to choose what we want from the menu as we love so many dishes! But one thing I can always be sure of is that Debbie will have it with a side of plantain!

This time I had a lovely Strawberry Red cocktail which was a delicious mix of strawberry liquor, Malibu, lemon and cranberry and it packed quite a punch. For my starter I had a chorizo dish that was braised in red wine, onion and paprika and was absolutely stunning!

cha cha chorizo, Michelle Louise Love

My main dish was a beautiful mix of butternut squash and prawns in a gorgeous south American spiced sauce. It was so tasty and flavoursome with some seriously succulent prawns, I really enjoyed every mouthful. My boyfriend and I shared some sweet potato fries with a lovely aioli dip and I even got to taste a bit of my friends amazing lamb dish which was juicy and perfectly flavoured with a sticky star anise glaze.

South american food, Michelle Louise Love

sweet potato fries, Michelle Louise Love
South American is probably my favourite type of food, it has such an amazing mix of flavours and I always feel so spoilt for choice whenever I go out for this type of food. Team this with Latin music and it is the best feel good combination! It just makes you feel happy.

I even got to do a sneaky shop around Boots where I got a couple of Soap and Glory items which are on special at the moment! Very happy times!

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