Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Revlon Lip Butter | Sweet Tart

I think it's something like two years after I bought this I still have love for the Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart. Do you remember the massive hype all over the blogging scene for these? It went a little crazy and they were featured on nearly every beauty blog worth it's salt and now you don't really hear about them so much.

Michelle Louise Love

revlon lip butter sweet tart

However I wanted to pay homage to a formula and colour I still love even though the excitement for these lipsticks has died down now and us fickle little beauty lovers have moved onto pastures new.

I have a very annoying habit, I will admit that I am a lip biter. Whenever I am not eating or talking it seems I am chewing my bottom lip. I have tried to stop, I really have. It drives me mad but I don't realise I'm doing it!

Revlon lip butter sweet tart

Because of this I often have dry lips which makes me bite them more, so I need really nourishing lipsticks to help supply them with some much needed moisture.

This is where my one and only lip butter does the trick, this clever little blast of colour is made with mango, shea and coconut butter, I guess that's why it works like a dream at keeping my lips feeling soft. The only time I don't chew my lips as much is if I have lipstick on them. You would think I would wear it daily then wouldn't you? But I forget or am too lazy........

revlon sweet tart lip butter

revlon lip butter, sweet tart

As for the colour of "sweet tart", it's beautiful, a vibrant fuchsia pink sort of shade that works so well with my pale skin.

Michelle Louise Love, revlon lip butter

If you have a lip butter festering in a draw or make-up bag somewhere, go and get it out and show it some love!


  1. Love a good pink and this compliments your blonde hair perfectly!

    I found your blog via BlogLovin and would love if you could stop by & catch up on my latest GHD Party Hair Tutorial & Pink Jewel Styler post for some inspiration too :)

  2. Thank you hunny, will pop over to your blog to have a look around xx


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