Sunday, 19 January 2014

OPI Top Coats | NOTD

I have been wanting a matte top coat for a L-ong time now, so when I noticed that a set of 3 OPI top coats were on sale I though it would be rude not to.

They arrived in the post yesterday and I hopped straight to painting my nails and trying them out.

I started with a base colour of Lucky Lucky Lavender which I featured in my favourite nail polish post, so now you can see what the colour looks like on.

OPI top coat, matte top coat

I wanted to try out the matte top coat as I have wanted it for so long so was excited to finally see what it was like. I love the effect it gives but I found it really hard to use. When I was applying it over my lilac colour it seemed to dissolve it and leave it looking streaky. The slower I went the worse it looked so I tried to slop it on as fast as I could but I still ended up with a few streaks. Has anyone else had this problem with matte top coat?

OPI top coats

I used snowflakes in the air on my ring fingers and I loved it. I got this set mainly for the matte polish but I have ended up loving the glittery one far more. It looks so pretty and is a combination of small and large pieces of silver glitter and just looks beautiful.

OPI snowflakes in the air, lucky lucky lavender

I will continue to experiment with the matte top coat, but for me snowflakes in the air was the unexpected love at first use.

OPI snowflakes in the air

What do you guys think?


  1. I havent seen this set anywhere! Where did you buy it if you dont mind me asking? I'd love to try the matte top coat and that glitter is amazing! x

    Molly's Beauty Spot | A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I got it online from Lena White. See if you get on better with the top coat than I did, it just kept going streaky. x

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