Sunday, 5 January 2014

Natural Sunday Kinda Make-up

Today was a relaxed kind of day, I decided to do a natural kind of make-up and some loose curls as my boyfriend and I were planning on going for a walk in the park with our dog. I don't know why I bother though because the little pooch is too lazy for all that and will only walk for a few minutes before looking up at me with the desperate little eyes asking to be carried because his little legs can't handle any more walking!

We strolled around for a little while until I felt too guilty to make the little dog walk any further, so we popped home for a coffee before going to a sports shop to have a look for some trainers for me so I can start my challenge of running!

Michelle Louise Love, naural make-up

Here I'm wearing Urban Decay "Anonymous" all over my lid with "Laced" blended into the socket, both of these colours are from their fabulous Vice palette, I am wearing Nars "orgasm" blush with a little Nars "Gaiety" on the apples of my cheeks, finished off with a little Revlon lip butter in "sweet tart"

Michelle Louise Love

A certain little someone when he had decided he was going to walk no more, he just stops moving his legs, and for the record it only takes about 15 minutes.

I found myself a pair of trainers I liked, they felt comfy so I made a purchase and was one step closer to actually having to run!

I did take that step and go for a run, I will update you tomorrow on how I got on, but for now I am going to bid you farewell, enjoy the rest of your evening!

Much Love

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