Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My New Years Eve

I hope everyone spent last night with people special to you doing something fun and making amazing memories! For the most part of my life I have struggled with one thing or another and always let situations and other people get me down and cause me to feel upset.

I am now determined to put all of that behind me and not let things pull me down and focus on living my life and making memories and enjoying myself.

With that in mind, I didn't want the hassle of arranging a night out with lots of people and the worry of them flaking at the last minute, the pressure of getting really dressed up and dreading rain, and being pushed and shoved by lots of drunk people in central London. So I instead got my partner and I VIP tickets to the Natural History Museum's ice rink, where we could be out skating on the ice at the strike of midnight and then go up to the bar to enjoy a glass of Champagne to toast the new year.

My boyfriend and I made no set plans about what we were going to get for dinner, and on the journey over to Kensington we decided we fancied a burger. (I know we are super classy, and pushing the boat out for New Years) so we quickly googled a couple of our favourite burger joints to find there was one the stop after where we needed, it felt like it was meant to be.

We went to The Diner on Gloucester Road, I was so hungry and couldn't wait to order and was drooling over the Shrimp Po Boy, which was breaded shrimp with a creole sauce and salad in a bun, we had an order of cheesy fries and a milkshake each. I chose pistachio because that is my favourite flavour of ice cream and it was totally amazing!

shrimp sandwich

The food was so tasty and just what I wanted. If you live in or near London I would always recommend the Diner, I have been so many times and love it. They do amazing breakfast options and their portions are really big, we shared the cheesy fries and there was plenty. They also have really good music (as advised by my boyfriend) and it is a great place to chill out with friends.

Michelle Louise Love

Not quite sure what I was looking at in that photo, clearly not the camera!

We ordered a waffle with roasted banana and butterscotch sauce and ice cream to share and it was scoffed down so fast I didn't get a photo, but it was so yummy.

coffee, Michelle Louise Love

We finished off our lovely meal with a coffee, and I was absolutely stuffed but so happy. I was so glad to be spending my New Years eve with my most special person and was having a lovely time and couldn't wait to get on the ice!

Michelle Louise Love

We wrapped ourselves up in a million layers to go back outside into the cold and stroll to The Natural History Museum. When we got there we went upstairs into the bar to get a glass of champagne and chill out for a while before our skate session began.

champagne, Michelle Louise Love

Michelle Louise Love

I will admit I was really nervous to go out on the ice, I haven't ice skated since I was about 15 and I was scared I would fall over and hurt myself ( I know, such a girl). We waited to be the last on the ice because I didn't want to fall on my ass in front of a whole lotta people! It took a little while to find my skate legs but I built up a little bit of confidence on the kiddies rink first, and before I knew it I was whizzing around the ice, making sure to stay close to the handrail of course.

The weather eventually got the better of us and it started raining so we headed back to the kiddie rink because it was under cover, and then made our way back out onto the main rink when it was approaching midnight. We stood on the ice surrounded by trees covered in lights and the stunning Natural History Museum as the perfect backdrop at the stroke of midnight and had a wonderful romantic kiss to start the New Year.

We were starting to get a little cold and decided to get back into our own comfy shoes and head back up to the bar for the perfect finish to our magical night. More Champagne and mulled wine!

mulled wine, champagne, Michelle Louise Love

I hope you all had a perfect night, and had the best start to 2014!

Much Love

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