Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Favourite | Nail Varnish

Like anything this is subject to change at some point, but once my craze for a new colour has died down I do seem to keep coming back to the same couple of colours.

They come from two brands I am a massive fan of because I love their formula for coverage and staying power.

OPI, my first love in a nail varnish sense, the brand that restored my faith in polish as I had previously always used drug store brands and they would chip within hours of me applying it which used to really annoy me so I stopped using nail polish altogether for years!
Then one day I tried "pink-ing of you" and loved how beautifully it went on and how it lasted for days! I was hooked and from that moment on I kept buying more and more....

Essie, comes a very close second. Not so much because of the quality not being a match to OPI but more because you never forget your first love! I also feel the colour selection from OPI is a little nicer. However Essie do have a lovely formula and last for ages and go on so easily.

Now the two colours I love deeply and use a lot:

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

OPI lucky lucky lavender, Michelle Louise Love
 It's such a pretty lilac shade and looks gorgeous on, I always get compliments on the colour when I wear it.

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Essie Mint Candy Apple, Michelle Louise Love

A beautiful mint green that I absolutely adore. Again I always have compliments when I wear this colour. This happens to be one of my favourite shades full stop, I really want a kitchen aid mixer this colour too!

What's your all time favourite polish?

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