Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Fossil Handbag

I really like Fossil bags, I think they are well made and not too expensive for the quality you get. I have had this bag for nearly 2 years and I still love it as much as I did they day I got it.

Fossil Bag, Michelle Louise Love

There aren't really any signs of wear and tear on the bag either despite me having used it a lot. The leather is in good condition, the stitching is all in tact and going strong and the bag looks as good as new.

Fossil Bag, Michelle Louise Love

It's a pouch style cross body bag, with a drawstring fastening, although admittedly this doesn't work all that well and doesn't stay shut. But to be honest that is the only bad point of the bag. It is a good size for me, I am a small bag kinda girl so I consider this one on the larger size and I tend to carry a lot of junk around in it because I can.
It has a zip pocket inside, great for girl things that you want to keep hidden away, and it has a pouch pocket on the other side which holds all my make-up bits, chewing gum etc. The kind of stuff that always falls to the bottom and you can never find.

fossil bag, Michelle Louise Love

fossil bag, Michelle Louise Love

 The main reason I was so attracted to this bag was the colour, teal is one of my favourite shades and I really love it, it's bright and cheery and great for adding a splash of colour to an outfit. I am also a fan of cross body bags because I like to have my hands free and not have to worry about my bag falling off my shoulder so this style is perfect for me.

fossil bag, Michelle Louise Love

fossil cross body bag, Michelle Louise Love

Much Love!


  1. ooh that aqua colour is just gorgeous! :)


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