Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Year To Change My Life!

If you haven't already read about my "year to change my life challenge", skip back and read that post first, then this one will make a whole lot more sense!

Here are some of my challenge rules:


1) To make the effort to see my friends more, even if they live far away
2) To lose 14lbs and tone up, to feel better about myself and feel healthier
3) To get out there in the world more and make memories, rather than thinking I should save every penny I earn, after all you can't take money with you when you die!

Social Media

1) Put up 2 blog posts per week
2) 10 tweets per day
3) 2 facebook entries per day
4) 1 video per week
5) 1 email shot per month
6) Gain 1000 twitter followers by March
7) Gain 5000 subscribers on YouTube by March
8) Gain 2000 followers on my blog by March


1) To work with 1 new photographer every month
2) To spend 2 hours per week networking within the fashion and beauty industry
3) Take part in at least 4 wedding fayres this year

Now I will tell you how scary it is to put some of those goals out there for you all to see, because it will be very embarrassing if I don't achieve them, so help a girl out here and subscribe and follow me people, it will make me very happy!

Michelle Louise Love

Much Love!

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