Sunday, 22 December 2013

Essie Sugar Daddy

I was in need of  couple of pale pink nail varnishes for a wedding I did the hair, make-up and nails for last weekend. So I nipped into Boots and bought a couple of Essie colours one of which was Sugar Daddy.

I really love the Essie formula and find it goes on beautifully and lasts really well without chipping, I also like that Boots stock a really good range of colours which is handy as I'm not a massive internet shopper, I prefer to look in shops and see things in the flesh. I understand I am in the minority with this, but I am very much a person who shops with all their senses and I like to be able to pick things up and feel the packaging and see it properly. Especially as colours can seem very different in real life than they do in a photo.

essie sugar daddy, Michelle Louise Love

Anyway back to the point, Sugar Daddy is a really subtle colour and when you paint your nails with it other people wouldn't even know you have polish on. It looks so natural but in a really good way, it makes your nails look lovely and healthy. It's a pretty sheer pink that leaves your nails looking fresh, shiny and naturally 'frenched'.

I have to admit that when I first put it on I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a 'colour' so to speak, but after a couple of coats I loved the way it looked and had no regrets about picking this colour up.

Do you like the colour?

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