Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Eve Outfit!

I don't usually think about things like this ahead of time, but this year I feel a little different and have decided that I will not just throw things on at the last minute and look like a hot mess, I will think it through and plan and choose clothing appropriately .

On Christmas Eve I am usually running around doing last minute things, picking up flowers so they are at their freshest and dropping off gifts. We have made plans to go out for dinner that night when I have completed said running around, so we can spend some quality time, have some nice food and a couple of festive "lemonades"!

I would like my Xmas Eve outfit to be comfy as I will be hauling myself in and out of the car, moving at pace for last minute bargins etc.

I was thinking something like the combo above for the day time, jeans teamed with a festive jumper and some comfy winter boots. It will great for running errands in.

Boots: New Look | Jeans: River Island | Jumper: New Look

Then I can just swap out the boots for some heels for the evening and add a bit more jewellery, some waves in my hair and some festive lipgloss, ready for the mulled wine and mince pies, yum!

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