Monday, 30 December 2013

Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder

I wanted to do a quick review of the Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder, this is my second tub of this product because I fell in love with it and decided I wasn't going to shop around when I was really happy with the product I was using. This is a completely translucent powder so is great for all skin tones.

smashbox photo set finishing powder, Michelle Louise Love

It has such a fine consistency that it goes on so smoothly and leaves a velvet finish to your skin and it just looks beautiful. It comes up so well in photo's and seems to soften the light on your skin and make it look flawless. 

It's also fantastic at controlling shine and absorbing oil, when I apply this in the morning I rarely have any issues with shine by the end of the day and my foundation is still in tact.

smashbox loose powder, Michelle Louise Love

The product contains silica which blurs fine lines, and is probably the reason it gives such a lovely soft finish to your skin, it also has an SPF 15 rating which is an added bonus to help guard your skin against UV and lets be honest we all need help in that area so we don't end up too wrinkly in the future.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Urban Decay Primer Potion

So I am not going to flog a dead donkey here, you will have heard of/used Urban Decays primer potion unless you have been living under a rock. I just wanted to share my experience with the product.

I will explain why I haven't used an eyeshadow primer up until now, I have never had any trouble with oily eyelids or shadow creasing so I have never felt the need to use a primer. But as I have been getting a little older I have noticed my eyeshadow creasing a little more by the end of the day and it looks horrible. I got a small tube of the primer potion last year with my naked palette and it has been shoved away at the bottom of a make-up bag, until last week that is.
I had looked at the eyeshadow that had fallen into the creases on my eyelids and thought "urgh god I have got to do something about this" so I gave the primer a try. I seriously had no expectations about it, but the end of the day rolled around and my eyeshadow was absolutely perfect, not a single smudge or crease! Amazing!

Primer potion, Michelle Louise Love

Not everyone will need a eyeshadow primer, if you have no issues with your eyeshadow creasing or fading then I don't see any point in layering on a product you don't need. But if you do experience any of those problems or you want to wear a bright colour that you want to make the most of, then I really recommend it.

Here is the difference it can make to the look of your eyeshadow colour, it of course gives a good base for the colour to cling to so it stays in place but it will also make the colour stand out a little more, think about the way you would use a white primer before painting a piece of furniture or wall, it really makes the colour pop. You can see how much darker the colour looks on the right, the exact same amount of product was used each time, so it could make your favourite eyeshadow go a lot further as well. I also noticed how much harder it was to get the primed shadow off with make-up remover, this goes to show the longevity it will give you throughout the day.

urban decay, Michelle Louise Love

I may spread my primer wings a little now and try a few different brands and see how I get on. Can you recommend any that you really love?

Monday, 23 December 2013

Lily Flame Candles

Candles are something I love..... a lot, and I would have cupboards full of beautiful fragranced candles if I had the space and money. Winter is the perfect time for them and I enjoy having candles burning away in the background more when it is cold and gloomy outside. They smell nice, look nice and more to the point make you look nice (everything looks better by candle light). They are just so perfect for giving a relaxing warm ambiance.

I was in one of my favourite home and gift shops a little while ago and was going through a section filled with candles by Lily-flame, they all smelt amazing and came in a cute little tin with a handmade look and feel about them. The first one I picked up was the one I fell in love with, it was called "Blush" and it smells heavenly. The fragrance was so familiar to me but it took a while for me to put my finger on what it was. Then the penny dropped, it smells like Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume. It's sweet and intoxicating and I loved it so much, the wax itself was a beautiful pale candy pink colour and the tag line on the label was "the first kiss of the night". I had to have it!

lily flame candle, Michelle Louise Love

I also picked up another while I was there, the fragrance was crushed almonds and it also smelt gorgeous, just like marzipan. I stood there in the shop inhaling the fragrance like a bit of a crazy person, it was just so good! Sweet almondy goodness that makes your mouth water.

When I got home I couldn't wait to try one. I lit Blush first because it was my favourite, and it did not disappoint. It started burning away and within a few minutes my whole room was filled with the beautiful smell. There is nothing worse than a candle that is only fragranced when you stick your nose to the wax. I have burnt this candle quite a lot now and really love it, it estimates on the tin that each candle will burn for around 30-35 hours which isn't bad when I paid around £8.50 for it.

Lily Flame candle, Michelle Louise Love

The crushed almond although nice, isn't as strong when it burns. So Blush is certainly my favourite of the two. I liked quite a few of the other candles they did, and will go back and get a few more to add to my stash. Check them out, they are a home grown beauty of brand!

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Essie Sugar Daddy

I was in need of  couple of pale pink nail varnishes for a wedding I did the hair, make-up and nails for last weekend. So I nipped into Boots and bought a couple of Essie colours one of which was Sugar Daddy.

I really love the Essie formula and find it goes on beautifully and lasts really well without chipping, I also like that Boots stock a really good range of colours which is handy as I'm not a massive internet shopper, I prefer to look in shops and see things in the flesh. I understand I am in the minority with this, but I am very much a person who shops with all their senses and I like to be able to pick things up and feel the packaging and see it properly. Especially as colours can seem very different in real life than they do in a photo.

essie sugar daddy, Michelle Louise Love

Anyway back to the point, Sugar Daddy is a really subtle colour and when you paint your nails with it other people wouldn't even know you have polish on. It looks so natural but in a really good way, it makes your nails look lovely and healthy. It's a pretty sheer pink that leaves your nails looking fresh, shiny and naturally 'frenched'.

I have to admit that when I first put it on I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a 'colour' so to speak, but after a couple of coats I loved the way it looked and had no regrets about picking this colour up.

Do you like the colour?

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Being Festive

Yesterday I spent the day in the west-end with my boyfriend, we decided to have a little festive Christmas outing, and visit Winter wonderland as he had never been.

We went into The Breakfast Club to have something to eat before heading over to Hyde Park. The queue's are usually pretty crazy to get into the breakfast club in the mornings, but we were quite lucky and got in there just before the line started heading out the door and only had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated. I had pretty much decided what I was going to have before we got in there. I ordered the brown toast with poached egg and avocado with chilli and lime. I am trying my best to make good food choices at the moment with Christmas day being just around the corner I don't want to pig out too much beforehand and spend the first few weeks of January on a diet : (

The portions are actually quite big, and I only managed to eat about half of my breakfast and I was feeling really full up. The menu is fantastic, and has something for everyone and I would really recommend it, I have never been disappointed with their food.

We made our way over to Winter Wonderland which is crammed with food stalls and places serving mulled wine and hot cider, so it would have been rude not to join in and have a little drink, and some cheeky churros with chocolate sauce yum!

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the shops of Regent Street, Oxford Street and Covent Garden, where I fell in love over and over with lots of beautiful things.

Michael Kors small sloan quilted bag, Michelle Louise Love

I was obsessed with the above bag by Michael Kors, the leather was as soft as butter and it was such a stunning little bag, but I was just so reluctant to get it in the blue because I was worried about how quickly it would go out of fashion, and sadly they had sold out of the bag in black. What do you think?

Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Eve Outfit!

I don't usually think about things like this ahead of time, but this year I feel a little different and have decided that I will not just throw things on at the last minute and look like a hot mess, I will think it through and plan and choose clothing appropriately .

On Christmas Eve I am usually running around doing last minute things, picking up flowers so they are at their freshest and dropping off gifts. We have made plans to go out for dinner that night when I have completed said running around, so we can spend some quality time, have some nice food and a couple of festive "lemonades"!

I would like my Xmas Eve outfit to be comfy as I will be hauling myself in and out of the car, moving at pace for last minute bargins etc.

I was thinking something like the combo above for the day time, jeans teamed with a festive jumper and some comfy winter boots. It will great for running errands in.

Boots: New Look | Jeans: River Island | Jumper: New Look

Then I can just swap out the boots for some heels for the evening and add a bit more jewellery, some waves in my hair and some festive lipgloss, ready for the mulled wine and mince pies, yum!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas day outfits

I need some help with this because I am getting so disheartened and worried I will never find my perfect Christmas day dress! I have walked up and down a couple of high streets in different towns in search of my Christmas perfection, I'm not quite sure what it is so I can't describe it to you but I will definitely know it when I see it. I understand this is very vague, but come on we have all been there, the "I will know it when I see it" feeling. I'm not sure if it will be sparkly, shiny, long or short but I do know I haven't found it yet. I want it to look special and I want to feel pretty in it, and I don't want it to be too tight so I have to worry about breathing in all day because after all Christmas day is a lot about the eating!

The closest thing I have found was a snake print dress from Miss Selfridge that I saw in the window but I wasn't so keen on the fabric when I saw it up close. This has mysteriously vanished from their website now which makes me a little more nervous in case that was supposed to be "the one" and I was just over analysing things!

Please tell me some of you guys also get so stressed about picking out an outfit, I'm too scared to commit to something in case I see something better.

Panic over the dress hasn't vanished, here is said dress.

What do you think of the dress?  Should I find something with a little more sparkle?

Have you already chosen your Christmas day outfit?

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