Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lets Be Honest Here

We all wish that some parts (most parts) of our life were better, we sometimes wish our lives were "perfect" like the girls who write the BIG blogs or film those fabulous YouTube videos or our favourite celeb. What is perfect anyway?

I think there should be a little more honesty in the blogging community, or if that isn't possible then ladies at least take a deep breath every now and then and admit to yourself that your favourite bloggers life isn't so perfect.

We all have a junk drawer (or 2) in our kitchen unless you have major OCD, we all argue with our spouse sometimes, we all wish that the frickin dust would stop gravitating towards the black TV!!

It's ok, and above all, it's NORMAL. The photo's we see on blogs are what we want the world to see, we choose the right place to take those pictures so we can portray "life is pretty" and you know you arranged and rearranged the candle a million times, and made sure there wasn't any dust and you took the photo from an angle that hides the pile of junk in the corner you have been meaning to tidy up for the last week.

In reality I have been off of work since Wednesday because I had an operation and my boyfriend had to leave Friday night to go away to Germany for a week for work and I miss him so much I have cried, most of my family don't live in the UK so I am home alone and more than a bit lonely. My good friends all live far away and there have been moments that I have thought who the hell would I turn to if I really needed someone right now? Perfect? Far from you see.

So stop beating yourself up about how imperfect your life is and accept that it's just the way things are. All the rubbish moments will make you appreciate the good ones so much more.

Feel free to share one good and one bad thing about your world in the comments below, we won't judge, promise!

I'll go first:

I have no food in the house, I'm hungry but don't feel up to going shopping.
In a couple of weeks I will have a new baby niece.
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