Thursday, 22 May 2014

Naked Palette Look | Face Of The Day

We all know and love Urban Decays naked palettes, most probably own one if not all of them!
The problem I have is that I stick to the same couple of colours and need to utilise all the shades I have at my disposal.

urban decay smoky eye, Michelle Louise Love

So today I have used a couple of the untouched eye shadows, and I will challenge myself to do this more often and create some new looks.

This make-up look was so quick and simple to create, I didn't want to fiddle around taking ages to blend the look. I started with some of the shade "creep" and smudged it into my upper and lower lash line then ran a fluffy brush over the top to soften it. Next I took the "gunmetal" and put this all over my eyelid and again used a blending brush to soften the edges so it gently fades out, lastly I used some "virgin" and dabbed a little into the inner corners of my eyes to lighten the look.

urban decay, smoky eye, Michelle Louise Love

See so simple, but it looks pretty.

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