Sunday, 11 May 2014

I Love Sundays!

Sunday's are the best aren't they, just the nature of them makes you feel like you should be having a relaxed and enjoyable day. It is the day for lie in's, cooked breakfasts, lots and lots of good coffee, Sunday strolls, family, wine...... Or is that just me??

I don't tend to lay in a lot really, for some reason this morning at 7.30 I was up cleaning my oven, because that's what I do on Sunday mornings apparently! I then managed to lose an hour of my time just coo-ing over pictures on instagram (here I am on instagram by the way, oooo, how did you like that little plug there!!)

My boyfriend deployed himself on a bacon finding mission so we could start our Sunday the right way, with bacon butties of course! Providing the fuel for another lovely day.

We went for another walk by the river, and it seems a few playful little blue tits decided to join us along the way, they were darting between the trees as we walked, seemingly curious as to who we were and what we were doing. We got so close to them as they were very bold and didn't seem at all bothered by our presence.

Michelle Louise Love
Faux Leather Jacket: New Look

A gorgeous swan was gracefully drifting on the river as well and also decided to take an interest in us and follow us as we walked along the river side, it's funny to see nature so curious about us humans and wanting to watch us.

Michelle Louise Love

I'm so grateful to live in a lovely city centre but have the option to walk about 2 minutes from my home and be in the middle of a field heading towards beautiful countryside and perfect tranquillity. The weather was doing some amazing and mesmerising things whilst we walked, it was caught between sunshine and heavy rain and the clash of the two was causing a stunning rainbow. The low evening sunshine was licking the tips of the trees and the grass which looked gorgeous against the dark grey clouds looming above, making us wonder if we were going to be able to make it home without getting drenched in a spring storm.

Michelle Louise Love

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday, making wonderful memories!

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