Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Black Opium

Today's post is short and sweet, just like this little beauty.

YSL Black Opium

Isn't the bottle sexy? And the scent is every bit as seductive as the bottle is, it's rich with notes of vanilla and coffee apparently but don't worry it doesn't make you smell like a vanilla latte. It's sweet and sensual and absolutely gorgeous. 

I fell in love with this after a quick whiff whilst rushing past the display in Boots and thought it was amazing but didn't have time to stop, so I glanced over quickly to check the name and then went home and harped on about it to my boyfriend who kindly purchased it for me. He knows the way to a girls heart and luckily he thinks the fragrance is pretty hot as well.

YSL Black Opium

You just have to head to your nearest beauty counter to smell it.

Monday, 27 October 2014

5 Tips For New Bloggers

I am taking part in the #bundlemarathon where every Monday until December 29th there will be a post set by @bundlemag if you would like more info check it out here:

This weeks topic is tips for new bloggers, I have been blogging on and off since 2010 and have seen a lot of change in that time. I am by no means an expert on this subject but there are a few tips I have picked up along the way.

1) Consistency is key, you need to be blogging frequently or else you will lose your audience. People like your blog for a reason and will only keep stopping by if you are actually posting. Try and settle into some kind of routine.

2) Get involved with the blogging community, other bloggers aren't your competition they are your biggest allies. Reach out to them because not only will they be able to help you but they are also people that understand your hobby and your obsession with taking photo's of everything!

3) Write about the things you really love and your passion will shine through, don't just blog about something for the sake of producing a post. You need to feel the enthusiasm for your subject or your writing won't seem interesting.

4) Write as much as possible when the mood takes you and then schedule the posts for the upcoming days/weeks. You have to accept that you will have days when you can't find inspiration no matter how hard you look. It's normal and it happens to all of us, so if every once in a while you are over flowing with ideas, sit down and get them all written out so it takes the pressure off for the times when you feel like you will never have an idea again for as long as you live (trust me this happens to me all the time!)

5) Be gracious, people don't have to read and follow you so make sure you are grateful for the ones that do and be nice to them. If they are sweet enough to leave comments or tweet you, then do your best to reply. If you don't you may have lost that reader forever.

Thanks for reading! See you next Monday for the next #bundlemarathon post!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Cyber Bullying

This is a little bit of a controversial topic, but as bloggers we put our life on the internet for all to see along with our all important contact details like email, and twitter. It's not unheard of that this can attract some unwanted attention from some individuals.
But it begs the question are there more crazy people these days, or does the ease of social media make it far more simple to emotionally attack people and try to stir up trouble? 

The reason I am asking this is because recently I was the victim of some malicious trouble making, so I decided to discuss this with you all and see what your thoughts are and if anyone else has ever dealt with something similar?

cyber bullying

A few weeks ago I received an email from an anonymous sender stating all sorts of ludicrous accusations about my boyfriend and our relationship. This person had clearly been somewhat stalking me on twitter and my blog, piecing together bits of information just so she could try and stir up trouble. My first thought when I received the email was that I have to accept this sort of thing will happen to me because I choose to write a blog about my life and that will probably at points attract unwanted attention. But now I have had time to think about it, it's quite sad that we have to accept that possibility, just because we share information on the internet.

Sometimes I am utterly shocked at the things people write in the comments on YouTube and other forms of social media. Some of the things people have said are so vindictive and just down right cruel and I wonder why they feel the need to do it? 

We all have our opinions, there will always be people in the world we just don't like for one reason or another. We may have a clash of personalities or a massive difference of opinion on something, but I don't think that gives the right to personally attack that person for it. We are all different, and that is something to be celebrated or else the world would be a very boring place. 

The kind of comments that I find the hardest to read and understand why someone would write such things, are the kind where people say something very hurtful about the way someone else looks. I just don't see the need for it, again it's a matter of opinion. There have been plenty of times I have looked at an outfit someone is wearing and thought "urgh" but that's because I personally don't like it and it's not to my taste, but I would never go and comment on that person's blog/twitter/instagram and say they looked horrible because I accept the fact that a) it's just mean and unnecessary, and b) other people will love the outfit because they have the same taste as the original person.

The other type of comment I hate to see are the ones spawned out of jealousy, the ones where people can't bear to see another human being do well or be successful. Again it's your prerogative to not like a person, maybe their demeanour annoys you, or you disagree with something they say, but it doesn't mean they don't have the right to be successful. They have probably worked very hard to get where they are, so what gives anyone the right to turn around and say they don't deserve it?

All in all I just feel that people need to be a little more mindful about what they say to one another on the internet, just because you are not saying it to someones face doesn't mean that it won't hurt them or what you are doing isn't wrong. Unfortunately sticks and stones will break your bones and words can hurt you; and in this day and age where people spend so much time online, cyber bulling is becoming a very real and huge problem especially amongst the younger age groups and it can and does cause a lot of damage. 

I think as bloggers we need to be able to set an example to others that it's not ok to do this to another human being no matter what you think of them. So joining in with sites and forums that were set up with the sole intention to bring people together to bitch about one another is disgusting behaviour and just so wrong! 

cyber bullying

Have you experienced anything I have mentioned in this post? How did you deal with it?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Shu Uemura S Curler

We all know that eyelash curlers look like some sort of torture device, and if you catch your eyelid in one it certainly feels like it too. I have always struggled to find eyelash curlers I'm happy with, I have quite rounded eyes and have found that when curling my lashes with conventional curlers I end up with a weird kink in the lashes on the outside corner of my eye where I can never get the curler to go quite close enough.

s curler, shu uemura

 This is why I decided to try and find an alternative, so I would no longer have to suffer an angular bend in my lashes. I came across the Shu Uemura s curler and decided that I would give it a try, because of it's more compact size I can curl my lashes in smaller sections and move the curler closer to the root of my lashes to get a natural looking curl.

s curler shu uemura, eyelash curler s curler shu uemura

They certainly aren't the cheapest eyelash curlers but they are great for eyes that don't conform to the usual eyelash curler shape. If like me you struggle to curl all your lashes close to the root they are well worth a try.

s curler shu uemura
s curler shu uemura

You can purchase them online from House of Fraser for £20.00

Thursday, 16 October 2014

DIY Table Centres

Keeping up with the promise to myself to have a lovely table centre throughout Autumn and Winter, I have come up with a few ideas after scouring the internet for hours. I love natural materials for October, I adore how rustic and back to nature it can look but at the same time be so pretty.

fall centrepiece, candles, jars filled with nuts

I came up with the idea to wrap some natural coloured twine around the top of some old jars and fill them with nuts and a tea light. They look so beautiful and make great centre pieces if displayed as a group, but they also look cute on their own on a coffee table.

fall centrepiece
fall centrepiece

I love this one too, a display of beautiful green apples nestled with the rest of the nuts I used in the jars and surround the whole lot with glowing candles and pumpkins.

fall centrepiece

They aren't expensive to make or hard to do, just take a little imagination of what beautiful autumnal goodies you can lay your hands on to bring a little bit of nature indoors to admire.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub

I have been failing miserably at blogtober, I have so many posts written out already that just needed me to make and photograph things and I really lost my mojo and felt anxious about not writing daily. But I decided rather than beat myself up about missing a few days I would just hop back on the blogging train and do my best.

Once again it's another soap and glory product because I really loooo-oove them, I thought I would chatter on about how much I love the sugar crush body scrub. Firstly I love how it comes in a big tub so it's really easy to scoop out the amount of scrub you want to use and you will be able to use up every last bit of it rather than faffing around cutting a tube in half, if like me you are really cheap and like to get every last scrap of product out of the packaging!

soap and glory sugar crush

As strange as it may sound, I really like how scrubby the scrub is. Some body scrubs just seem pretty pointless because they aren't scratchy enough to slough off the dry skin. Just a word to the wise though, this is best to use before your body is too wet, because it's a sugar scrub and if you're too damp the sugar will dissolve before you have had the chance to give your skin a really good scrub down.

soap and glory sugar crush

This product is full of delicious ingredients that smell so good you almost want to put it in your mouth to see if it tastes as good as it smells, you will be pleased to know I refrained from doing that, but if you have given in to curiosity and know what it tastes like let me know in the comments below!
It's a beautiful brown sugar, lime, and sweet almond oil concoction so as well as smelling sweet and zesty it is really nourishing for your skin. It's really packed full of oil and you will see that when you open the tub you need to give it a little swish with your finger to mix up the sugar and oil, because the oil comes to the surface and the sugar sinks. It really leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling divine though and is worth every penny of it's £8 price tag.

soap and glory sugar crush

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lemon Meringue Hot Chocolate

Autumn is the best time of year to snuggle up on the sofa with a delicious mug of hot chocolate, I'm mixing it up a little today and making a moreish lemon meringue version.

lemon meringue hot chocolate

It's creamy and lemony goodness and tastes beautiful.

lemon meringue hot chocolate
lemon meringue hot chocolate

I used lemon meringue hot chocolate from Whittards but it's unfortunatly been discontinued now. You can subsitute it with white hot choc and melt in some lemon curd to give it the zesty note. Then top the chocolate with lashings of whipped cream and crumble meringue over the top and drizzle with lemon curd, it's one amazing dessert in a mug!

lemon meringue hot chocolate

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