Sunday, 29 March 2015

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Nests #EasterEdHunt

I meant for this post to go out last weekend, but I was struck down by the noro virus and was so poorly I didn't get out of bed for 2 days. The thought of food let alone anything sickly sweet was just not on my radar.

I am much better now though and normal chocolate eating habits have resumed, now I believe that Easter is just trying to make you fat, because everywhere you look there as chocolate eggs, and cakes and no end of nice sweet things to entice you. I have completely fallen victim to the heaven that is white chocolate and peanut butter, so decided to whip up some rice krispie nests using this dreamy combo.

white chocolate and peanut butter nests

Easy as pie to make, just melt white chocolate in the microwave or bain marie and stir in some peanut butter until combined. Mix in enough rice krispies until the mixture is all coated and not too wet, then spoon mixture into cupcake cases building up the sides a little to leave a recess in the centre that will be filled with eggs. Put them in the fridge to set for an hour, when they care cooled fill with little eggs of your choice. I had intended on using mini eggs but the supermarket had sold out of them.

White chocolate easter nests

I hope you enjoy making and eating some Easter treats & don't forget to join in with the #EasterEdHunt

Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday, 20 March 2015

High Street Spring collections

Spring/Summer 2015 collections are filling up the high streets rails at the moment, the bright colours and floaty fabrics have hit the shelves even if there is still a little chill in the air.

This past weekend I was invited along to the intu fashion show at Lakeside shopping centre to see what the big brands have in store for us this season. The show was really well put together and featured lots of amazing dancing.

I was really glad to see acid green featuring heavily in the Primark collection because I bought a beautiful acid green dress last year and was worried it would be out of fashion too quickly. So I'm very happy I can try and get a bit more wear out of it this year.

It seems this season is full of cobalt blue, acid green and lots of wedge sandals, all of which makes me quite happy because I love all three!

After days of searching for some of the items seen at the fashion show I managed to find this beautiful sheer skirt from BHS.

Cobalt Sarong Skirt

It's £18 and would great as you stroll down the beach on holiday!

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to a spring full of bright colours and bold patterns, I found this little beauty from River Island and thought it was stuning. I think it would be lovely teamed with a simple white strapy top and perfect for some sunny weather.

Yellow floral print skirt

One of the best parts of the show was the dancing, the kids were great and danced really well. I especially enjoyed the segment for JD sports.

What are you guys most looking forward to about the warmer weather? Any trends you're excited to wear?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

This is what Spring is all about #EasterEdHunt

It's officially Spring, the weather has been sunny and mild for the last week and every shop you go into is laden with Easter eggs.

lindt chocolate bunny

This is all about Spring, easter bunny, Cadbury creme egg and a daffodil yellow cupcake!

lindt chocolate bunny

This is Ed by the way, Ed is quite clearly an Easter Bunny. But he's special for a different reason, he is going to be taking part in the "Big Easter Ed Hunt".
What's that I hear you ask, well, I'm glad you brought that up. Rather than a traditional Easter egg hunt, I decided that I would do an Easter Ed hunt for my beautiful readers. Up until Easter, Ed will be hiding in my photo's, and when you spot him I want you to email me his location in the photo and your name will go into a draw to win a fabulously tasty prize hamper!

It's super easy to take part, just remember to email me when he pops up in a photo to you can enter every time a new photo comes out to increase your chances of winning. For every correct answer to a photo you will get a ticket in the drawer.

Don't forget to keep popping back to check out my new posts and see what Ed has been getting up to! Have fun you lovely lot xx


T's & C's

The Easter Ed hunt will be open to people in the EU, it's not always an easy process to ship food substances abroad due to each country's import laws so I have done this to minimise confusion and issues.

You are allowed to submit an answer to as many photo's as you like, only one time per photo though. 

Your answer must be emailed, any answers submitted in the comments will be removed and the entry won't count.

There will be opportunities to gain more entries on certain days by completing additional tasks, keep your eyes open for these.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pinking of You - OPI

Yes it's another OPI nail polish, I'm sorry but I love them so much. Today I'm going for a lovely spring colour, a pretty pale pink that will hide a multitude of sins in the rushed nail painting department.

OPI pinking of you

Isn't this the cutest candy pink, and just to show you quite how candy coloured it is I have matching pink candy pieces on the cupcake! How about that huh!

pinking of you

It's such a pretty shade to wear, looks sweet and girly if built up with a couple of layers, or just adds a hint of colour of you only do one coat. I have used this shade a lot, and has been in my top 10 for about 5 years now.

pinking of you
OPI pink nails

And because you are dying to know, the cupcake was delicious too! ; )

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lovin' Lately

I haven't done this sort of post before, but I enjoy reading about things that other people are enjoying eating/watching/doing

Saturday mornings, for 2 years I had to work every Saturday, I hated getting up and going to work whilst what felt like the rest of the world was lazing in bed and having relaxed breakfast's and spending the day mooching about. My new job means I once again have Saturdays back, and I love waking up knowing that I have two blissful days to myself.

Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed

In the last couple of weeks I have been completely obsessed with 3 TV shows


This show makes me wish I could be Olivia Pope, she is intelligent, sly, networked; a PR superwoman. The show is engaging and keeps you on the edge of your seat, based around the White House and high profile clients that hire Olivia Pope to help make embarrassing PR nightmares "go away" it is worth a watch, I guarantee you'll be going back for the next episode.


This show is action packed, but scarily based on a very real issue in today's world. According to current research 1 in 12 women have been stalked at one time or another, and another shocking stat is that a third of women murdered in America are supposedly killed by their partner! This show follows a department that have been set up solely for stalking crimes and it will have you hiding behind the nearest cushion as it's a pretty jumpy show.

Pretty Little Liars

I am very late to this party, I have only just started watching the first season but I am hooked. I will sit and watch 5 episodes on the trot, it would be more but I have only had one disc at a time from Love Film. It is so gripping and I am desperate to find out who A is! If you like shows that have lots of twists and turns and always keep you guessing then this is for you.

Sunshine, the sun has started to peak through in the last week and there have even been days where I have only worn a cardigan whilst walking to work. I can't wait to be able to walk out the door without a coat!

Easter goodies, the shops are all full of yummy sweet treats for easter. I have already eaten loads of mini eggs, galaxy eggs and lots of other chocolate shaped eggs!

Easter eggs

What's making you smile at the moment?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Invisalign Journey

I wanted to write a truthful and honest account of my experience so far, this is not all sweetness and light. I tell it how it is, and that's not to say I am trying to bad mouth Invislign at all, I just believe that sometimes it can be sugar coated and the patients are not always told about the uncomfortable side of the treatment. But as they say, no pain, no gain!

I have never been all that happy with my teeth, when I was a child it was discovered that I had my adult canine compacted in the palette of my mouth so my baby tooth remained in position. On the other side I had a wonky tooth, so I was bothered by the way it all looked when I smile.

The worst news was that at some point my baby tooth would fall out and I would be left with a gap too small to fit an adult sized implant,  so I was faced with a difficult and expensive decision. I would need to have the compacted tooth removed surgically and undergo treatment with braces to make the gap around the baby tooth bigger and straighten the rest of my teeth.


I am currently undergoing invisalign and my treatment plan is 7 months long. I honestly can't wait for the 7 months to be over, my first couple of days with my first aligner in were frustrating. I couldn't speak normally and the aligners were chaffing the inside of my mouth making it very sore. I was so conscious of the aligners all of the time and found it very hard having a foreign body in my mouth. My mouth is always so dry no matter how much water I drink.

Even taking the aligners out provided me with no respite, because the attachments on my teeth were very sharp and made it hard to eat, they rubbed the inside of my lip raw whilst trying to chew and speak.

I am now 4 weeks in and on my third aligner and things are a little easier, the biggest problem I have found is the 22 hour optimal wear idea. 2 hours per day to eat and clean your teeth disappears very quickly and I often find myself way over the ideal time frame. One morning I timed how long it took me to eat some toast and drink a coffee and it was 22 minutes! So imagine then adding on the time to eat lunch, brush your teeth, eat dinner brush your teeth, drink a sugary drink, brush your teeth. Before you know it you have had the aligner out for way over 2 hours!

A few things you should know before you get invisalign:

It's a huge commitment, they need to be in your mouth all day every day for months, taking them out for long periods of time will only derail your treatment.

You have to be prepared to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere,  and always need access to a sink after eating because you need to brush your teeth or you'll get cavities

2 hours in a day for eating and drinking is very little,  if you are a continual snacker then you'll need to think long and hard about whether you will be able to cut the habit.

It's a massive pain in the arse to have to take your aligners out for every cup of coffee you want to drink, don't under estimate how annoying that can be. I only lasted 2 weeks before I started drinking with them in, plus you haven't a hope in hell of achieving 22 hours per day if you take them out to drink as well as eat.

They will make your mouth sore, they will rub your tongue, cheeks, gums and lips at some point. You will probably get ulcers as well, if you're a cry baby then these are not for you.

If you think you can handle all of that then go ahead and get invisalign, I have learnt to tolerate them and keep my eye on the prize. Make sure you can be committed to the cause because it's a lot of money to waste if you can't.

And because the secrecy with how much it all costs drove me crazy when I was researching Invisalign a few years ago I will tell you that I have gone with Invisalign Lite, which is a shorter version with less trays and on average takes 6-9 months depending on how much movement your teeth need, I have paid £2500, if I had needed the full version the cost would have been £4000.


My advice would be to have a couple of consultations at least, the first dentist I went to, made no mention of Invisalign Lite to me and told me the cost would be £4300. I then went for a second consultation where they were a lot more straight forward and gave me the cost for both and explained the difference and let me decide what I wanted to do.

For most people this is a large sum of money and you want to be sure you are being given the correct information before you hand over your cash.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pink and Sparkly

I have a ton of Nails Inc polishes I still haven't worn yet, one of my Christmas presents the year before last was a Nails Inc gift set with 12 shades in it. I have been working my way through the selection very slowly because I have become quite lazy with paining my nails. I used to paint them once a week without fail, but these days I don't seem to be that motivated.

nails inc fulham palace gardens

Today I tried out Fulham Palace Gardens, which is a candy pink colour with small and large pieces of glitter in varying colours. The colour reminds me of hubba bubba bubblegum, it's very much a barbie-esque shade of pink. It's crammed full of glitter, which is a mix of blue, green, silver and tiny flecks of gold.

This isn't really my style, so I think this one will find its way into the hands of my best friend, who is very much about the pink and sparkles!

nails inc fulham palace gardens

Happy Sunday beauties!

nails inc fulham palace gardens

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