Saturday, 13 December 2014

Going a little AWOL plus some Christmas decor

It's been a little sparse on the blogging front this month, I don't know why but I have lacked the enthusiasm to sit and write for a couple of weeks and just needed a little time to myself. I find blogging is very much linked into my emotions, so when I'm happy it just flows but if I'm down in the dumps I just can't seem to bring myself to write and get on with things. So I have taken a little break just to try and gather my thoughts and whilst sitting watching a few of +Fleur DeForce vlogmas videos this morning I had the urge to put together a little blog post! (Thanks for making me feel inspired Fleur!)

13th of December, if I think too hard about the date I actually feel a little terrified, a) because I can't quite believe how we are nearly 2 weeks into December already and b) I have done practically no Christmas shopping and it's really daunting that I have 99% of it to do still!

I was on top of the xmas bandwagon at the beginning of the month and put up the Christmas tree and decorations on 30th November so they would be ready for the first day of advent, but I'm lacking the Christmas feeling this year and need some help to make myself feel more festive, any suggestions?

Here is a little peak at some of my festive decor, small and simple as I am still growing my Christmas collection, decorations are expensive aren't they? So I don't often invest in many because I have other things I need to spend my money on unfortunately, alas I have a few and when the candle are lit and the tree lights are on it does feel warm and welcoming.

Christmas candles

I always decorate the top of the chest because it tends to look a little bare otherwise, and I love that it's an expanse of space I can use to really show the season. At the monent I have some festive bowls, looking a little empty but closer to the big day I will fill them with sweets and treats, but if I do it now I will just eat the whole lot!

snowman bowls
snowman candle holder

My little snowman candle holder is cute, I bought it a couple of years ago from a garden centre and love the fact that it's mirrored as it helps reflect a little more light around. I picked up the cute centrepiece candle and mini wreath from Primark this season and I think it was only £3 which is such a bargain, I love the traditional feel of berries and pine cones and when the candle runs out I will just refill it with wax.

festive candle

These little guys are from Yankee Candle and they are so adorable, they always have a huge collection of beautiful candle holders and oil burners for Christmas and I fell in love with so many, but the little gingerbread men were my favourite and they came with a box of cranberry scented tealights as well.

yankee candle christmas

 This Christmas tree is very special to me, I actually made it at playschool when I was about 3years old and my mum displayed it every single year. Earlier on this year she finally let me have it, and I love that I can display something from my past that has so many memories attached to it.

handmade dough christmas tree, christmas crafts

This little basket is also from my childhood, it's nothing all that special but I remember having more than one of these when I was small but this is the only one I still have so it's pretty sentimental.

little christmas basket

Every year I buy 2 Christmas ornaments to go in the boyfs stocking and I try and write the year on them somehwere so we can remember when they are from. A couple of years ago I picked up these little guys, I love gingerbread men and I thought they were so adorable and at the moment they are handing on our kitchen cupboards

gingerbread men ornaments
gingerbread men ornaments

What does your festive decor look like? Link your pics down in the comments so I can have a little look.

Monday, 1 December 2014

#bundlemarathon My favourite blogs

We are already on week six of the bundle marathon now, this weeks topic is an easy one! I spend a lot of time reading blogs, I love blogs and spend way too much reading them and am looking forward to sharing my favourite ones with you.

In no particular order:

If you love nails, as I do, then this is a great blog. It's a go to place for ideas and inspiration as well as finding out all about the new polish and nails art releases. 

As the name suggests, Caroline writes a lot about cocktails but that isn't all that features on her lovely blog. It's a little bit on the lifestyle side of things and she writes about all the fabulous places she eats and drinks at, so it is choc full of yummy food. Her photos are amazing as well, always really big and well thought out.

 I dip in and out of this blog frequently, it contains a real mix of topics and posts more than once daily. The blog is run by sister duo Emma and Elsie and they provide tutorials and recipes and lots of advice. 

Kelle's blog is named enjoying the small things and I came across her space on the internet nearly 4 years ago, this is a lifestyle blog but mostly surrounding her children. Kelle is a complete dreamer and can only be described as a child in an adults body. She thinks up fantastic activities and trips for her children and her writing is second to none and keeps you completely engaged.

Victoria writes about a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle so there is always something different on her blog. She does beautiful beauty photography and puts together great style posts.

 I could keep going on and on, I read lots and lots of posts per week, and I don't necessarily follow all of the blogs I read because sometimes I will stumble across them via twitter and forget to follow but will keep reading posts when they tweet about them. There are lots of lovely blogs out there and plenty of people who pour their heart and soul into their writing and photography and they are all wonderful in their own way!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

50 Random Facts About Me | Tag

I don't usually take part in tags, I personally don't enjoy reading them that much so don't partake based on that. I was however tagged to do this one by @bylaurenjane and thought it might be nice to let my wonderful readers get to know a little more about me.

1) I used to live in London and miss it with every breath I take
2) I always proclaim I don't like pizza that much, but love it when I do eat it!
3) I almost have a breakdown every year near my birthday, I HATE getting older
4) If you give me a packet of biscuits I will eat the whole lot in one go #sorrynotsorry
5) I'm really fussy about ice cream and pretty much will only eat haagen daz or ben & jerrys
6) I hate really hot weather, being sweaty is not my thang!
7) I love cooking, but am scared of baking
8) Coffee is an obsession of mine, I would drink 10 toffee nut latte's per day if they didn't cost so much
9) I love men with tattoos
10) I studied hair & make-up for 3 years but now no longer work in the industry
11) I love watching movies, sometimes 3 or more in a day
12) My mind never rests, it's always full of ideas
13) Nail polish is my favourite make-up item, closely followed by eye shadow
14) I adore South American food and culture
15) If Gremlins were real, I would want to have one
16) I love spooky stuff and would love to go on a ghost hunt
17) I have loads of lipsticks but hardly ever wear it
18) I am more comfortable in my own skin now I'm older
19) I don't trust men (in fact my BF jokes I'm a bit of a manhater)
20) I would love to have a huge family
21) I hate washing up
22) I love Christmas even though it never lives up to expectation
23) I hate sprouts
24) I believe Olaf should have his own spin off show, he made frozen
25) Cheese is the most amazing food, FACT
26) Exercise is my nemesis, probably because I'm lazy
27) I love trash reality telly *hides face*
28) My dog is a massive pain in the arse but I love him
29) At times I lack self belief, I need to work on that
30) I wish I was more proactive
31) If I won the lottery I would make a fabulous rich person ;)
32) I would love to learn to do sassy Latin dancing
33) Listening to my boyfriend sing and play guitar gives me tingles
34) Sunbathing is so boring
35) I am incredibly emotional and cry over everything
36) Sambuca is my favourite shot
37) I love celeb gossip
38) I think peanut butter anything is amazing
39) I'm petrified of wrinkles
40) I don't drink enough water by far
41) I worry about everything, all the time
42) I love showers, very occasionly take baths
43) I'm always listening to music, and love to sing
44) I think Pepsi is far superior to Coke
45) Tiramisu is one of the best desserts ever
46) I don't like internet shopping, I prefer real shops so long live the highstreet!
47) Rihanna is my idol, I love her music and her style
48) Snakes scare the hell out of me, but not as much as spiders eugh
49) I would rather have a starter than a dessert
50) This list took me about 3 hours to write!!!!!

So there you have it 50 things about me you wouldn't have known, isn't your life better for knowing them now? haha

Monday, 24 November 2014

#Bundlemarathon | Turn back time

The difficult bit of taking part in the bundle marathon is the very ambiguous topics. Sometimes I really struggle to put together a post relating to the title, but I guess that's part of the challenge right?

So this week the topic is turn back time, this could be open to interpret in so many different ways and I wasn't sure which way I should take this. I guess I could have touched on fashion of the past, or old beauty trends or something, but recently I have been enjoying writing about a wider range of topics and I find it helps me express myself and work through issues in my life. I started blogging a long time ago because I was inspired by others but I struggled to find my niche, so I rebranded and started a fresh nearly a year ago now and my main aim was to write for me. I wanted blogging to help me free my thoughts and creativity and hopefully some day create a career out of it. Now I'm not sure if that will ever happen but it certainly helps me, because it gives me a place to write about whatever I want, because it's my space on the internet and no one can tell me I can't.

With that in mind, my interpretation of turn back time is as follows:

I haven't had the easiest life, I seem to attract bad luck and I have faced so many struggles in my time and sometimes find myself asking in amidst a flurry of tears "why me?" Why can't I just catch a break, it seems whenever I get myself back on my feet something else will come along to pull the rug out from beneath me and I tumble in slow motion to the floor once again.

So I ask myself, if I could turn back time what would I do? If I had the gift to be able to turn the clock back I'm not sure at what point in time I would go back to. My first thought would be to turn back to being 16 years old, when I met my first proper boyfriend. If I could go back to that point and have not talked to him and let myself get sucked into such a destructive and soul shattering relationship where would I be now? But on the other hand I think to myself, everything I went through with him has made me who I am today, for better or worse. What would I have been like if I had taken a different path? Because of him I have a story to tell, not a good story at all but a story all the same.

So maybe I would still let myself meet him and experience some of the bad, so I would be able to appreciate the good. I just wouldn't have stayed so long and wasted so much of my life with someone who's main aim was to degrade me and make me feel small, insignificant and undeserving of something better.

Has good come of me going through so much bad? Am I stronger for it, am I more able to cope with difficult situations, or will it in some way always haunt me and hold me back. Will I ever truly be able to put it all behind me and move forward completely unshackled. They say that the struggle a butterfly has to encounter in order to break through it's cocoon is essential. Without that struggle the butterfly would not be equipped to survive, so can the same be said for humans? Are the weakest of us the ones that have never known struggle or hardship, so if I was to take away all the bad that happened to me I would make myself less able to cope with life?

I suppose it depends on the type of struggle doesn't it? Some forms of abuse leave such emotional scars on people they never manage to overcome them, or does that say more about the person than the experience? Are some of us just able to overcome anything and others never manage to, is that the wonder of life.

I often question where I could have been now if I hadn't met him, I might have been married with kids living a totally different life. But on another hand I may have never met my current BF, I like to think that if it was our destiny to meet, our paths would have crossed some other way. But it's all questions isn't it, because none of us will ever know the answer. We don't have the power to turn back time and make changes to see which outcome we like best, it would be wonderful if we could wouldn't it?

So because we aren't able to go back in time, my advice would be to take time and think about your choices. Try and separate yourself from big decisions and ask, in years to come will I be happy with this choice? You won't always be able to answer that question, but I know damn well if I had asked myself that 9 years ago I would have done things differently and escaped years of abuse.

Sometimes pain is the easier option and making a change is far harder. Only you can change your destiny.

Good Luck

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bloggers Brunch

Last Sunday myself and a few other bloggers met for Brunch at Ed's Diner. I have been arranging a monthly meet up for bloggers for the last two months because it nice to have a chance to chat to some like minded girls over some tasty food. We share tips and tricks, as well as talking about fashion, beauty and make-up and generally just having some girly gossip time.

Photo courtesy of April Todd

Here we all are doing our best cheesy grins, whilst April uses her much talked about selfie stick.


I went for the All American breakfast after much deliberation, I was so torn between this and french toast with berries and maple syrup. Next time it will be the french toast! I'd like to say a massive thanks to the fabulous staff at Ed's Diner in Lakeside who were wonderful hosts and made sure our coffee cups were topped up at all times, and remained patient even though we probably sent them away about 6 times whilst we all tried to decide what we wanted to eat in between gossipping.

Take a little look at the other ladies lovely blogs:

Monday, 17 November 2014

#bundlemarathon Beauty Secrets

 Week 4 of #bundlemarathon is about beauty secrets, I have to admit I'm struggling with this topic a little. I don't think I have any secrets, most of what I know is common knowledge amongst beauty lovers.

So here are a few things that I think are pretty important:

1) Don't think you're too young for anti ageing products, fine lines and wrinkles sneak up on you very quickly, especially the ones around your eyes. So even if you're in your early 20's, still get into the habit of using an eye cream and anti ageing moisturiser. Remember prevention is better than cure!

2) Don't bake yourself in the sun too much, yes we all know it's trendy to be tanned but do you really want to be one of those old women whose face looks like leather, hands are covered in age spots and their chest has more wrinkles than a piece of old crepe paper! You know the type of women, when you are on holiday they are the ones in their 50's and 60's laying out by the pool from AM to PM to get a tan. They have done that all their life and now look pretty haggered, is it really worth it?

3) Don't be too rough with your skin, be gentle when removing eye make-up as the skin is so thin and will stretch easily. Don't pull too hard when putting your eyeliner on, you don't want to help gravity by pulling your skin this way and that, it won't always snap back and you will be kicking yourself for not treating it more kindley.

4) Dabbing pure tea tree oil onto spots to kill bacteria and help reduce the swelling.

5) Don't sleep in your make-up, cliche I know. Everyone uses this one but it really is true that it's bad for your skin, on the odd occasion I do sleep in it I end up with a massive spot! Reason enough no?

What tips do you live by?

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Precious Time

This weekend gone one of my fabulous friends who unfortunately lives a long way away came down to stay. Sadly these days we only see each other about 5-6 times a year so when we do get a chance to catch up it means a lot.

She arrived Saturday evening and we very quickly opened a bottle of wine after getting inside from the rain. We had planned to go and watch some fireworks but the weather had other ideas and we agreed that neither of us wanted to stand on a muddy field in the rain for the evening so we settled down on the sofa and started catching up.

It's a shame about the rain spoiling our plans but we made the most of the evening regardless and headed down to Chiquitos for some dinner and a cocktail, and I got the chance to indulge in my new favourite thing, a halloumi crunch burger. If you head to the Mexican chain I really recommend it, you get a huge chunk of halloumi, they don't scrimp at all and they fill the bun with loads of other tasty things like tortilla chips for crunch and salsa for some fresh tang! We even got to play with the sombrero's and stick on moustache's!

The next morning after a cup of coffee we hit Frankie and Bennys for some breakfast, this is one of my favourite spots to spend a Sunday morning. Not only does it only take us a few minutes to walk to which is handy but you get bottomless coffee so you can really sit down and leisurely enjoy your morning. The last couple of trips I have enjoyed their breakfast pizza which is amazing. Sausage, cheese, bacon and topped off with an egg what more could you ask for?

I even topped off my meal with a festive treat off their Christmas menu, a yummy black forest hot chocolate and if you feel like being a little naughty, this is also available with a shot of baileys!

As I was too busy enjoying myself I didn't take any good quality pics, so here is a little collage of my phone pictures.

night out, chiquito,
 Yes I gave my nose a moustache, why not?
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