Monday, 20 October 2014

Shu Uemura S Curler

We all know that eyelash curlers look like some sort of torture device, and if you catch your eyelid in one it certainly feels like it too. I have always struggled to find eyelash curlers I'm happy with, I have quite rounded eyes and have found that when curling my lashes with conventional curlers I end up with a weird kink in the lashes on the outside corner of my eye where I can never get the curler to go quite close enough.

s curler, shu uemura

 This is why I decided to try and find an alternative, so I would no longer have to suffer an angular bend in my lashes. I came across the Shu Uemura s curler and decided that I would give it a try, because of it's more compact size I can curl my lashes in smaller sections and move the curler closer to the root of my lashes to get a natural looking curl.

s curler shu uemura, eyelash curler s curler shu uemura

They certainly aren't the cheapest eyelash curlers but they are great for eyes that don't conform to the usual eyelash curler shape. If like me you struggle to curl all your lashes close to the root they are well worth a try.

s curler shu uemura
s curler shu uemura

You can purchase them online from House of Fraser for £20.00

Thursday, 16 October 2014

DIY Table Centres

Keeping up with the promise to myself to have a lovely table centre throughout Autumn and Winter, I have come up with a few ideas after scouring the internet for hours. I love natural materials for October, I adore how rustic and back to nature it can look but at the same time be so pretty.

fall centrepiece, candles, jars filled with nuts

I came up with the idea to wrap some natural coloured twine around the top of some old jars and fill them with nuts and a tea light. They look so beautiful and make great centre pieces if displayed as a group, but they also look cute on their own on a coffee table.

fall centrepiece
fall centrepiece

I love this one too, a display of beautiful green apples nestled with the rest of the nuts I used in the jars and surround the whole lot with glowing candles and pumpkins.

fall centrepiece

They aren't expensive to make or hard to do, just take a little imagination of what beautiful autumnal goodies you can lay your hands on to bring a little bit of nature indoors to admire.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub

I have been failing miserably at blogtober, I have so many posts written out already that just needed me to make and photograph things and I really lost my mojo and felt anxious about not writing daily. But I decided rather than beat myself up about missing a few days I would just hop back on the blogging train and do my best.

Once again it's another soap and glory product because I really loooo-oove them, I thought I would chatter on about how much I love the sugar crush body scrub. Firstly I love how it comes in a big tub so it's really easy to scoop out the amount of scrub you want to use and you will be able to use up every last bit of it rather than faffing around cutting a tube in half, if like me you are really cheap and like to get every last scrap of product out of the packaging!

soap and glory sugar crush

As strange as it may sound, I really like how scrubby the scrub is. Some body scrubs just seem pretty pointless because they aren't scratchy enough to slough off the dry skin. Just a word to the wise though, this is best to use before your body is too wet, because it's a sugar scrub and if you're too damp the sugar will dissolve before you have had the chance to give your skin a really good scrub down.

soap and glory sugar crush

This product is full of delicious ingredients that smell so good you almost want to put it in your mouth to see if it tastes as good as it smells, you will be pleased to know I refrained from doing that, but if you have given in to curiosity and know what it tastes like let me know in the comments below!
It's a beautiful brown sugar, lime, and sweet almond oil concoction so as well as smelling sweet and zesty it is really nourishing for your skin. It's really packed full of oil and you will see that when you open the tub you need to give it a little swish with your finger to mix up the sugar and oil, because the oil comes to the surface and the sugar sinks. It really leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling divine though and is worth every penny of it's £8 price tag.

soap and glory sugar crush

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lemon Meringue Hot Chocolate

Autumn is the best time of year to snuggle up on the sofa with a delicious mug of hot chocolate, I'm mixing it up a little today and making a moreish lemon meringue version.

lemon meringue hot chocolate

It's creamy and lemony goodness and tastes beautiful.

lemon meringue hot chocolate
lemon meringue hot chocolate

I used lemon meringue hot chocolate from Whittards but it's unfortunatly been discontinued now. You can subsitute it with white hot choc and melt in some lemon curd to give it the zesty note. Then top the chocolate with lashings of whipped cream and crumble meringue over the top and drizzle with lemon curd, it's one amazing dessert in a mug!

lemon meringue hot chocolate

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Autumn Candles

Now's the time for soft candlelight to be filling your home, it's warming and cosy and if the candles are scented they will fill your home with the smells of Autumn.

I have a couple of candles to tell you about, these are the warm scents I have buying this October.

yankee candles

I am a massive fan of Yankee candles, I love standing in the shops pulling the lids of the jars and taking in a huge long sniff of all their lovely fragrances, and when the seasonal candles come out. I almost self combust with excitement!

One of my favourite comforting smells is black cherry, I love anything cherry, the smell, the taste, the look it has me sold. But this candle has me loving it's deep, rich fruity fragrance and I enjoy sparking up this baby when it's cold outside.

My next autumn candle is another yankee and it's called Honey Glow, it's got such a warm comforting scent, it screams cold evening candle.

yankee candle, honey glow

Last up is a budget candle to prove that not smelly candles have to cost the earth, I picked this one up at the supermarket for £2. It's by febreze and it's called festive spice and it has notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber and it smells all toasty and snuggly.

febreze festive spice candle

What candles do you like burning this time of year?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Lush Gift Set

I got this Lush gift set for my birthday months ago and having been stashing it ready for the winter season where I will take baths more. I got it all out of it's pretty box to have a good sniff of everything and dream of the bath times I have waiting around the corner.

Lots and lots of goodies there right? This lovely lot will be finding their way into my bath tub in the coming weeks, as I enjoy lots of evening soaks!

So what do I have in amongst that lovely lot?

Dream time bath melt:  this little melt contains lavender and chamomile to help relax you to ensure a good nights sleep, all whilst moisturising your skin with cocoa butter and almond oil.

Blackberry bath bomb: this little treasure is packed with bergamot which is good for helping with tension and anxiety, maybe I should bath in this one daily to help me cope with my nightmare job!

Ceridwen's Cauldron: This bath melt is choc full of oils to really nourish your skin, and it comes wrapped in a muslin cloth that you can use to wash with.

Therapy massage bar: packed with shea and cocoa butter this is meant to provide your skin with lots of moisture as well as containing the uplifting smell of sweet orange oil.

A french kiss bubble bar: a little treasure to create lots of calming lavender bubbles to help you sleep like a baby, with the added bonus of coconut oil to keep your skin soft.

Silky underwear dusting powder: use it like talcum powder to leave skin silky and smelling gorgeous.

Aqua Mirabilis: a body butter bar containing tiny bits of almond shell to scrub away dry skin.

Dream Cream: a tub of body lotion to help soothe even sensitive skin, apparently great for people with eczema

Skin's shangri la: a facial moisturiser containing cocoa butter and beeswax as well as rosemary which is known for it's anti bacterial qualities

lush haul
lush haul

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Winter Coats Roundup

The weather is officially crisp in the mornings and evenings now so it definitely calls for investments in new coats and jackets to keep you toasty and stop you getting frostbite!

Here are a couple of my favourite highstreet options:

river island cream jacket
I am in love with this cute cream peplum jacket from River Island, it's classy and chic and would look amazing teamed with skinny jeans and heeled knee high boots. It's probably more suited to Autumn than Winter though as it doesn't look that warm, but it's certainly pretty!

hooded cape, zara
This hooded cape from Zara looks so cosy. I love capes and have one from about 2 years ago that I adore, so I am very happy to see they are on trend again this season. I have my eye on lots of them, but how many capes does one girl need?

Okay well one more cape because I love them! This warm and casual one is from Warehouse and would be so easy to wear slung over jumpers and jeans.

tulip front coat

I love the style of this Forever 21 coat, it's so pretty with the tapered front and lovely big buttons. It's also a bargain at only £30!

I could have quite easily added about 15 capes to this post, but I restrained myself.
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