Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Rose Gold Barry M

Barry M dazzle dust 3

This little beauty has been sitting in my drawer a bit too long, by default I always seem to reach for my naked palette because it's easy. I know my two favourite colours and I don't have to put much thought into it, just slap it on.

I have worn this beautiful colour a couple of times, and it looks so pretty. It is a gorgeous rose pink with under lying tones of gold, and like all dazzle dusts it really does shimmer. It's a loose pigment so it's worth using a tissue to shield against the fall out unless you want to wear eyeshadow down your cheeks.

Barry M dazzle dust 3
Barry M dazzle dust 3

It may seem like you only get the smallest amount in that little pot, but it will last a very long time as you only need the teeniest amount to get great coverage, not bad for something that cost less than a fiver!

Barry M dazzle dust 3

Barry M dazzle dust number 3.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dreaming of Spring Time

Don't get me wrong, I love Winter. But I love the kind of pre Christmas and new year Winter, when the air is filled with excitement and you have something to look forward to. But January Winter really sucks. January is colder than December and we quite often get snow, but not the nice fluffy snow that coats the trees and glistens in the light, but the stuff that hits the ground and turns into a slushy mess so the country resembles a giant ice rink.

On that note, this is why I am dreaming of spring time. It can still be cold, it just won't be the sort of cold that makes your skin sting. Spring time means pretty pastel colours, new blooms, baby chicks and lambs and Easter eggs!

I am looking forward to floaty dresses and pretty sandals, and being able to run out the door without having to wrap up in a million layers to prevent frost bite.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

A splash of pink for your nails

OPI strawberry margarita

Adding a little splash of bright colour to your nails is a small way of adding some cheer to these grey January days.

Strawberry Margarita is a gorgeous hot pink colour that is fabulous for summer and looks amazing on your toes with sandals. Everything is a bit gloomy at the moment so I figured it was a great colour to use to brighten me up.

OPI strawberry margarita

As with all OPI, the formula is lovely and covers really well and I only needed one coat to achieve a lovely streak free colour.

OPI strawberry margarita

 If only I had a stawberry margarita to drink right now, then life would be good!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Little More Urban Decay

Urban Decay is my all time favourite brand for eye shadows, my love affair goes back quite a few years now and I have another new palette to share with you all.

Urban Decay shadow box
Urban Decay shadow box

My latest addition is the Shadow Box palette which comes with the adorable UD logo in mental on the front of the box (small things), the palette is a small compact one with 12 small eye shadows in a variety of colours from natural to bright.

Urban Decay shadow box

I'm not a massive fan of the box design, it has a much cheaper feel to it compared to other UD palettes, it's no biggie though because it's the eye shadows that count. The only other thing about this palette I don't like it that it contains sin and smog (sin is my favourite colour), although they are beautiful shades they are also in two other palettes I own. I feel that palettes should give you the chance to try out a range of colours without the expense of buying them as individuals so to have tripled up on these shades is a little annoying. I'm just thankful I wear them a lot but it would be irritating for someone who didn't like them. These 2 colours are in the original naked palette so I personally don't think they should have been put in another palette that has come since, because practically half the population own naked one.

Urban Decay shadow box
Urban Decay shadow box

I am however looking forward to trying out all the purple tones in this set, as they look really great on my green eyes. If you guys are interested I will do a series of posts showing looks done with shadows from this palette so you can see what they look like on.

Which UD palette is your favourite?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Latest MAC additions

MAC lipsticks are one of my hearts greatest desires, I really like their creamy formula, beautiful shades and cute names and as stupid as it sounds I love the simplicity of their packaging and when I have a collection of something I like them all to look the same. This is pretty much the reason I have so many OPI nail polishes as well because I love the formula and packaging and like them to look neat when displayed together so another brand would spoil the desired effect. (Don't judge me)

MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob
If anyone is ever at a loss for a gift to buy me, MAC lipstick is pretty much a perfect fail safe!
For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive another 2 shades to add to my collection, I got the cult classic "Ruby Woo" as well as "Snob"

MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob
MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob

Ruby Woo doesn't really need any introduction, any beauty lover worth their salt will know this shade. It's a classic bright red that will never be out of fashion, and looks really good on pale skin. The only problem I have is that I need to invest in a lipliner to stop the colour bleeding, I need to do that before I can rock this one!

Snob is an easy to wear natural, with pinky mauve undertones that is perfect for every day wear and easy to slick on without a mirror for on the go touch ups.

MAC lipstick, Snob
MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob

Sunday, 28 December 2014

A little sparkle for the season

Nails Inc Knightsbridge Road

It's New Years Eve in a couple of days and a little bit of sparkle is perfect for the season, this polish by Nails Inc is a great colour to wear. It's festive and gold with oodles of glitter and holographic pieces so it catches the light and sparkles with every little bit of movement.

The base colour is a beautiful pale gold and then there are blue, pink and red pieces of glitter.

knightsbride road polish

The only downfall to glitter polish is the speed at which it chips, so I wouldn't advise painting your nails too far in adance of your party or else you won't look all that classy with huge chunks of your polish missing!

nails inc knightsbridge road
nails inc knightsbridge road

Have a happy NYE everyone!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Going a little AWOL plus some Christmas decor

It's been a little sparse on the blogging front this month, I don't know why but I have lacked the enthusiasm to sit and write for a couple of weeks and just needed a little time to myself. I find blogging is very much linked into my emotions, so when I'm happy it just flows but if I'm down in the dumps I just can't seem to bring myself to write and get on with things. So I have taken a little break just to try and gather my thoughts and whilst sitting watching a few of +Fleur DeForce vlogmas videos this morning I had the urge to put together a little blog post! (Thanks for making me feel inspired Fleur!)

13th of December, if I think too hard about the date I actually feel a little terrified, a) because I can't quite believe how we are nearly 2 weeks into December already and b) I have done practically no Christmas shopping and it's really daunting that I have 99% of it to do still!

I was on top of the xmas bandwagon at the beginning of the month and put up the Christmas tree and decorations on 30th November so they would be ready for the first day of advent, but I'm lacking the Christmas feeling this year and need some help to make myself feel more festive, any suggestions?

Here is a little peak at some of my festive decor, small and simple as I am still growing my Christmas collection, decorations are expensive aren't they? So I don't often invest in many because I have other things I need to spend my money on unfortunately, alas I have a few and when the candle are lit and the tree lights are on it does feel warm and welcoming.

Christmas candles

I always decorate the top of the chest because it tends to look a little bare otherwise, and I love that it's an expanse of space I can use to really show the season. At the monent I have some festive bowls, looking a little empty but closer to the big day I will fill them with sweets and treats, but if I do it now I will just eat the whole lot!

snowman bowls
snowman candle holder

My little snowman candle holder is cute, I bought it a couple of years ago from a garden centre and love the fact that it's mirrored as it helps reflect a little more light around. I picked up the cute centrepiece candle and mini wreath from Primark this season and I think it was only £3 which is such a bargain, I love the traditional feel of berries and pine cones and when the candle runs out I will just refill it with wax.

festive candle

These little guys are from Yankee Candle and they are so adorable, they always have a huge collection of beautiful candle holders and oil burners for Christmas and I fell in love with so many, but the little gingerbread men were my favourite and they came with a box of cranberry scented tealights as well.

yankee candle christmas

 This Christmas tree is very special to me, I actually made it at playschool when I was about 3years old and my mum displayed it every single year. Earlier on this year she finally let me have it, and I love that I can display something from my past that has so many memories attached to it.

handmade dough christmas tree, christmas crafts

This little basket is also from my childhood, it's nothing all that special but I remember having more than one of these when I was small but this is the only one I still have so it's pretty sentimental.

little christmas basket

Every year I buy 2 Christmas ornaments to go in the boyfs stocking and I try and write the year on them somehwere so we can remember when they are from. A couple of years ago I picked up these little guys, I love gingerbread men and I thought they were so adorable and at the moment they are handing on our kitchen cupboards

gingerbread men ornaments
gingerbread men ornaments

What does your festive decor look like? Link your pics down in the comments so I can have a little look.

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